Layers for rainy days ☂️

The sun hasn’t been out in over a week here where I live. It’s a little depressing! Worst part is it’s hard to dress for the climate. Some days it’s humid and rainy and others it’s super cold and rainy.

Today was cold and rainy. I wore a sweater that I could take off if I got too hot. I was taking my youngest to a baby class at a new kid gym. I missed the athletic wear notice, as I think I was the only momma not sporting Lululemon. 😉IMG_0160

Shirt- Target

Sweater- Target

Jeans- American Eagle

Rain Boots- Tory Burch

Watch- Marc Jacobs

A lot of girls love Hunter boots for foot rain gear, and I do love the look of mine but they are super clunky and I feel like I walk in slow motion in them. I much prefer these slimmer Profile Tory Burch boots. Totally worth the investment!


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