Favorite Work out pants 💪🏻

Ah, Lululemon. I tried to fight you for a long time. What was wrong with my Nike or Under Armor work out gear? You’re visibility became even more in my face when I became a stay at home mom. All the mom’s were sporting you at the park, play dates and the gym. You were everywhere.

I finally bought a few pairs on the advice of some fellow stay at home mom’s. My first pair pilled badly, and I was kind of over you immediately. Then, I tried a second pair and a third. Eventually, I figured out why women love you so much. You make their butts look amazing and their tummys flat. It’s like spanx that you can wear out in public for all to see!

So yes, I still wear my TJ Maxx and Target pairs at home when I’m hanging out with the kids. To work out I do tend to wear Lululemon more, and my new favorite ALO, which I think will become the new Lululemon. You heard it here first 😉

So yes, they make you look great, they don’t sag or stretch out in the wash and they do keep you dry when sweating. My favorite pair that I own and the most flattering are called “All the right places crop,” which yep it make all the right places look amazing! I would suggest the investment in these if you are thinking about buying your first pair of Lululemon.


Basic SAHM I know.

Jacket- Lululemon

Crops- Lululemon

Shoes- Nike

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