Open Houses 🏡

So a big passion of mine and my husband’s is real estate. In fact, I think that’s one of the earliest subjects we bonded over on our first date. We love older homes and we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into our current home which is very special to us.

We love looking at other homes on the market to get ideas and just for fun! Today we went to the Parade of Homes in our city. We actually didn’t have the kids today, so I wore booties and all black. The boots were not that great of an idea bc at each home we had to take our shoes off. This required a lot of work for me each time. Lesson learned for next year! IMG_0452

Shirt- Target

Jeans- AE

Shoes- Toms

Watch- Marc Jacobs

My husband wanted to know why you can’t see my face in any of my photos. It was never intentional, just focusing on the outfits! Anyway, here you go!

When you don’t know what to wear-all black is always in style! These pants are a little baggy and I’m not as big of a fan of these particular ones from American eagle. Anything that “bags out” really annoys me, and these don’t seem to hold their shape as well as other pants I own. I still plan on keeping them for days when I just want to be comfortable and don’t need jeans that are super tight! The jersey mossimo shirts from Target are my absolute favorite t-shirts. I can’t seem to find them anymore, but if they ever come back I’ll be sure to stock up!



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