Mothers Day! πŸ’

My husband and I hosted a big brunch for his mom, my mom and his sister. Needless to say it wasn’t a very relaxing day for me but I was so happy to do it for them! They deserve it!

I ordered a dress off of ASOS for this occasions and they sent me the wrong dress completely. Luckily, I also ordered this lavender skirt so it worked out! ASOS has been a pain to work with when it comes to missing products, incorrect products or even trying to return merchandise. Which is so disappointing bc I love their clothing! 😩

I paired the skirt with a light blue crop top and my Nine West wedges. I love these bc they are easy to walk around in but look super cute! I love shoes that have ankle straps. I think it’s very flattering.

IMG_0914.JPGMy daughter gets so excited when I take photos of my outfits! ☺️ She tries to get in the picture a lot-I apologize!

Shirt- Forever21


Shoes-Nine West

Hope all you lovely mothers had a wonderful day!!


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day! πŸ’

  1. Loftspeaker1 says:

    I like different color at the bottom of the skirt. However, I don’t like such figure hugging skirts.
    I think they just show too much. I only want my husband’s eyes on me.


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