Capris for now..

Ok so it’s definitely getting warmer outside! I am on the hunt for a good pair of shorts. You know shorts that aren’t TOO short. Afterall, I am a mom. However, I’m not feeling the Bermuda shorts either. I am still young after all, young-ish!

I have been wearing these American Eagle Capri jeans a lot lately. I will admit though, if it’s over 75 degrees, I start to get really hot. I have them in normal denim as well. I pretty much go back and forth  between the two.

Ive looked everywhere for an appropriate yet stylish pair of denim shorts to no avail. I definitely cannot live in these capris all summer! This is the first summer I am not pregnant nor post baby, so I’m ready for a re-vamp of my summer bottoms. I am going to try Ann Taylor Loft, they are rated highly by other m bloggers on the internet. They don’t look too frumpy either!

IMG_1111.JPGMy daughter asked why my pants were broken 😂




I will report back when I find the shorts of my dreams!


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