Charity Event Dress

Tonight, my husband and I attended a wonderful fundraiser for a developmental center for children with special needs.


It was cocktail attire, and I noticed this year there were actually a lot of gowns vs shorter dresses. If I would have known gowns were acceptable, I would have most definitely worn one! 🤷🏻‍♀️

This dress is from Asos. I actually bought it last year as a NYE dress, but ended up wearing something else. It is light and super easy to wear. I think it’s very flattering in some angles and can be a bit unflattering in other angles bc of how it’s cut..and that’s my stylish husband in his H&M suit! 😊 We were so rushed to get out of the door, I don’t have any great fashiony pictures of the dress, but you get the idea!

Dress- Asos


Next year I’ll probably do a longer gown. How often do you get to wear one!?


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