Bag Lady

Since it’s Spring Break for a lot of people I thought I would share some great travel finds I bought from Marshall’s last week!


First is the black and rose gold “it” under seater suitcase. This small bag can fit underneath your airplane seat! It is on wheels, has a long handle and is super roomy to carry all of your essentials on a short or longer trip paired with another suitcase. I love this brand of suitcase, bc it really is super nice! Definitely check out your local TJs or Marshall’s for this brand. You can easily find this brand pretty much anywhere online!

You’ll also see a big purple/pink bag by the brand Day Birger Mikkelsen. I really was drawn to the color and plan to use it as my gym bag. It is super roomy! I noticed Marshall’s carried a lavender color that was beautiful as well. I was really drawn to this bag, it could be used for so many purposes. I’m also interested in seeing what else this brand offers! I think this was a steal. The article below talks about how perfect this tote is. I feel like this was such a lucky find for 30.00!

Last, I was desperate for some new travel toiletry and make up bags and loved the ballerina pink/coral color combinations on the bags I grabbed. The brand is called            Tender Love and Carry. I also bought the floral one, bc why not! Check out their website for more fun options!

I haven’t replaced my gym bag or make up/toiletry bags in years. I love having a fresh start.

Hopefully, you can find these at your nearest TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for the next time you travel!


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