Rent The Runway

Last weekend we had another fun gala to attend. This time I wanted to rent a dress from Rent the Runway. I’ve used them many times! I usually am happy with my rental but did have one bad experience and I stopped after that. It’s been a year and a half so I thought I’d put my faith back into the company and rent a dress for this occasion.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I only looked at long gowns that were in the 50.00 price range. I came upon this red dress and loved the cut! When I rent on their website I immediately scroll to the actual pictures of real women wearing the dress and that’s how I can tell if it’s worth it!


This is the Red Harbor Gown by Likely. The dress needed something to help sinch in the waist for me so I added my own black belt. I wore a black beaded bracelet and my black Nine West Heels.

Dress linked below! I highly recommend this one! ❤️

Red Harbor Gown


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