Windsor Dress

My third and final formal dress of the month was a bargain from the store Windsor! Yes, it’s a store for teens but in the back they do have “formal” gowns. I usually don’t have super high hopes but I have found one or two fun dresses here in the past. I saw this copper dress and knew it was going to work!


Unfortunately, all of the photos we took at home turned out so bad with the lighting that day! However what made this dress work was the material, the bodice lines and the length. I still could wear 3 inch heels in this dress which usually doesn’t happen in cheaper dresses. I paid 70.00 for this and highly recommend it!

Out of the three dresses I wore the month of November this dress got the most compliments. So it just goes to show you what you spend doesn’t always matter in the end! I cannot find the dress online but did link a close second I had in mind below!

Windsor Dress


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