Target finds

The past few weeks have been frigid, snowy and icy so my wardrobe has been pretty functional and not very stylish lately! However, I did pick up two items from Target that I really love!

The first is from Who What Wear, and its a teddy jacket. It reminds me a little of the ALO Foxy Sherpa jacket that I’ve been keeping my eye on (for a sale ;)) but it at a way more affordable price point. It is really great quality and does not shed. This will keep you warm!


Teddy Jacket

The second item is a little out of my comfort zone with the colors and pattern. This sweater is from Wild Fable and it is soft and cozy. I have seen a pretty close replica at Nordstrom in the Top Shop section recently. Sometimes its nice to wear some light colors when its so gray outside in the dead of winter!



I have a lot of fun dresses to show everyone coming up, I can’t wait to share!

Until then, stay warm!


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