Getting warmer! ☀️

Hello! We went on vacation last week to Florida and it was HOT! First up is my bathing suit combo I like wearing when I’m with the kids. The red suit is from TJ Maxx and the swim skirt is from Unique Vintage. This would be my take on a “mom suit.”


The reason why I like this look is bc

1. It covers everything I need covered when chasing around young children. 

2. It is modest but not in a matronly way

3. Classic/Retro

Next up, this two piece set I found at Target. It is really comfy and pretty. I actually swapped out the heels for flip flops and wore this to a causal family dinner. I love the light blue as well. I’m taking myself super serious in this photo! 😂




Finally, this outfit I showed in my Instagram stories. I had a tank dress, but didn’t want anymore sun on my shoulders so I found an old T-shirt and knotted it up over the dress. Super cute look!


Tank dress


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