Golden Goose Dupes

Sometimes I am completely oblivious to what things cost. When I saw a friend in her Golden Goose sneakers, I thought to myself..yes I need those! In my head I was thinking they were around 200? 150? Nope. Those babies were over 500.00! So you can imagine my complete shock over a pair of “dirty” sneaker’s high price tag. I immediately searched the internet for a sale and couldn’t find really anything that was not over 300.00 for a pair. I finally found a great blogger who found the dupes on She In for 30.00!


So my initial thoughts are they look really similar but they are missing the logo on the tongue of the shoe. If you were a real fashion investigator you would be able to tell they are knock offs. But to the majority, no one is going to know the difference. I will say I had to break them in. They aren’t the most comfortable, and seem to run perhaps a half size small. These are not the Italian leather original shoes for certain! (But they’ll do!)


The Brooklyn shirt from Target I’ve seen on everyone! Sometimes I’m embarrassed to wear it (even though I like it) bc so many other people have it! It just means it’s a great, comfy shirt! 🙂



Brooklyn Shirt


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