I have some exciting dresses to share with everyone. November we are invited again to three black tie events, which is super special and I feel so lucky!

The first dress I want to post about is this one from ASOS. It was actually meant to be my birthday dress, but unfortunately our dinner date turned into more of a day date and this would have not been appropriate 😂!! The first gala is black tie optional so I usually chose a cocktail dress for this particular event. Red is my favorite color to wear in a dress. I loved these bows on the shoulders and the dress was structured so well. This dress was a steal at 18.00! Unfortunately, it’s gone now but I will link a similar style and price point below.


I wanted wanted to share this casual dress from the Target clearance section! I saw this when it was regularly priced but didn’t know if I had a reason to wear a dress like this! I have worn it to two events now. If you can find it in the clearance section, grab it! I paired it with red shoes for a pop of color!



Asos dress similar

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