Halloween Costume Ideas!

Obviously, Halloween looks different this year! However, I really wanted to do some easy costume ideas for fun. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I decided to take my three favorite movies from the 90s as inspiration! Please check out my tiktok at styleprofilekc for the video!

The first one I decided to do was Allison from Hocus Pocus. You see the witches all the time, but rarely do you see anyone dressed up as Allison! She was so beautiful to me, and in my favorite movie of all time!

This outfit is so easy to do! You just need a beige cardigan, jeans and a locket. I had to buy a locket charm from JoAnns for 2.00. I also made my own spell book! I found his book at JoAnns and glued on a “googly” eye. You could really take the time to make the book look more spooky, by adding spider webs and making it look more aged!

My next costume idea is from the movie Clueless! We all see the yellow plaid costume everywhere..so I decided to pull a different look. The gym class outfit Cher wears in the movie is so easy to do! All you need are bike shorts, a black tank top and a white T-shirt for underneath! I also made a “chain cell phone holder” by using a 2.00 chain again from the craft store. Such a comfortable and easy costume. If you are brunette like me you could also grab a blonde wig!


One of my favorite scary movies from childhood is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The look that Buffy wears in the movie’s poster is so easy to recreate. I just grabbed a children’s green T-shirt for 3.99 and JoAnns and cut the sleeves off. I already had purple leggings and a black hoodie to tie around my waist! All I needed was a stake which super easy to find at the craft store. You could also get one at a hardware store. Once again, if you really wanted to go all out you could wear a blonde wig if you are brunette like me!

As you can see all three costumes are so easy to pull off! My favorite is still Allison..plus you would stay warm! To see how I created these outfits check out my tiktok at StyleProfileKc!

Happy Halloween!


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