The Prettiest dress!

Hello! Fall is definitely here where I live, it’s already hit freezing! I have so many dresses that I didn’t get to wear this year bc of the pandemic. So my goal is to show how I would turn a spring or summer dress into something you can wear in fall and winter!

This Shein dress is the best piece I’ve ever gotten off of that website. The neckline and sleeves are so pretty. The coolest part about this dress is as you tie it, the neckline changes. You can wear this dress short or long! It is more pricy compared to other Shein pieces I’ve bought, but the quality is SO much better!

This dress I bought for spring but if you pair it with a knee high boot you an definitely wear this in the fall and be warm enough!

Sweetheart Dress

Hope you are enjoying this last week of October!


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