Target Accessories 😎

I went out and purchased a few Target hair accessories to play with! I bought four items. Two hats and two pieces for my hair. I really loved two out of the four!

Let’s start with the two purchases that I could take or leave! I bought these gold hair clips, which are really pretty and obviously on trend right now. Nothing spectacular but good quality for 8.00! 8/10

Next up, this captain‘s hat that my son said made me look like a train conductor. 🚂 I think it’s super cute, but to be honest it hurts my head! Also, it leaves a really terrible mark on the I don’t think I would have purchased normally..but I didn’t want to try hats on in store with covid going around, so I just hoped it would work out. 7/10.

I don’t normally wear headbands, bc I get migraines so easily..however this red and pink combo on caught my eye. I really loved it on, and had fun styling an outfit around it! I will definitely wear this out. Extra points bc it didn’t hurt my head! 😂 9/10

Last, my favorite purchase! This blue hat. My other son told me I looked like a cowboy in this hat. As you can tell, they are my biggest supporters! 🙃 This hat is awesome! It’s super comfortable, doesn’t leave any forehead marks, good quality and the best part is the color! Especially, if you have blue eyes you have to check this out! 10/10!

I styled clothing around all four pieces! Check it out at StyleProfileKC on Instagram and Tiktok!


Captain Hat


Blue Hat


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