Get the look 💕Blake Lively💫

My favorite celebrity style is by far Blake Lively. 🤩 I love that she’s a mom of three but still super fashionable. In a way her style reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker, also a favorite! I looked in my closet to see if I could replicate some of her looks.

First up, this black and white dress/camel coat! I knew I had the skirt and had to find a top to match. I ended up layering a dress from Forever21 under the checkered skirt from Target. My coat is from TJ Maxx! I belted the skirt to give more of an angle like her dress has at the waist.

If I was still working I would definitely wear this to the office (depending on what kind 😅). I love the black and white against the camel color, and my favorite length of skirt or dress is this midi length!

This next look is from a movie she was in called “Café Society.” She looked beautiful in this silver dress. I have a similar silver gown from Windsor that I wore to a ball.

What I love about this Windsor gown is the top portion. The woven pattern is very flattering especially where it cuts off at the waist. This material is stretchy, and this dress is so easy to wear! I actually wore this gown out after I had my first child. I love checking out Windsor for their gowns. ✨

Last, this casual look! I believe this may be from her Gossip Girl days. I had just recently purchased the captain’s hat from Target! The leggings are ALO and my sweater is Target! My heels are also..Target..shocking, I know!

This was so fun to do! I have a couple other of celebrities in mind to do next. If you want to see a video of these check out Tiktok or Instagram @styleprofilekc.


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