Favorite ASOS Dresses💫

It’s not a secret my favorite website to order any type of dress is from ASOS. The quality is always great and I love the variety of items on the site! The majority of my dresses are from ASOS. 🥰

This first dress I wore to my nieces Bat Mitzvah. They actually sent me the wrong dress, but I loved this one so much I kept it! The material is scuba (super flattering) and the angled cut on the dress is also really flattering. I rarely wear white, but the material is so thick it is not see through!

The next dress is a silver Grecian dress I wore to an event with my husband. This is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love that the sash drapes down the back as well.

Next, this orange dress! It’s a lot going on I know..but I wore this to a Kentucky Derby party so it was more like a costume than anything else! This dress has the off the shoulder arm cuffs and it’s also a scuba material..ie flattering and easy to wear! The bow is not something I would normally gravitate towards, but I think it works with this dress!

Finally, this floral dress with the bodice and bows 😍 I wore this to our anniversary dinner last year. I think this is my favorite ASOS dress of all time. The pattern, cut and shoulder details, are all so feminine but at the same time really fashion forward. This material is also scuba! Do you see a pattern!?

I have more ASOS dresses I love I will share in a part 2! Definitely, check out their stuff if you need a new dress in 2021!


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