Pink MissGuided Dress💕

Still sad about that KC super bowl loss and this 5 degree weather! So decided to cheer up with this peachy/pink MissGuided dress!

This dress is almost identical to the red dress from my last post. The cut and sleeves and length are exactly the same. I love this color, and I actually think it flatters fair skin like I have.

This exact style is sold out. However, I found the print in a different dress and it’s only 14.00! Linked below.


Pink MissGuided Dress


MissGuided Polka Dot Dress

I had purchased a few things from MissGuided, two of the dresses were extremely short! This is one of the shorter dresses. What I like to do when dresses are this short, is put another skirt over the dress, so it becomes more like a cute top! That is what I’ll probably end up doing with this dress.

I absolutely love polka dots. I sound like I’m 5, but it’s true! This particular dress reminds me of something someone would wear in the 1940s. The silhouette, the sleeves and the pattern. Obviously, it would be a lot longer. 😆

This dress is only 13.00 right now! So cute, for spring/summer. The sweetheart neckline with puff sleeves, is my all time favorite look!

Linked below!



MissGuided Teal Dress

I posted this dress in pink a few weeks ago. This is the perfect dress, in my opinion! Here it is in a teal color. I actually wanted it in baby blue, but this is as close as I could get! The light blue is always sold out.

What makes this dress so great is the way it fits. It will suck everything in, it has a pretty neck line and it isn’t too short for a “mini” dress. It comes in many colors and is always on sale! Definitely, do not pay full price for this.

Even if you have no where to wear this in the year 2020, scoop it up for next year!

Teal Dress


MissGuided Floral Dress

I promise it’s actually been warm enough this November to wear this! Under the current circumstances of course I had no where to wear it. 🙈

Let’s start with the pros! It has an extremely flattering neckline and a gorgeous floral pattern. I love the shoulders and the way it’s gathered in the front.

I will say this is another super short dress from MissGuided. I am also 5’10 and so everything is short on me. So be aware of that! You could always layer a skirt on top of the dress and no one would know the difference. This is a trick I use all the time. 😅

I got this for 34.00, so definitely wait for it to go back on sale. It usually does every other week!



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The perfect pink dress!

Happy Sunday! This MissGuided dress comes in a lot of colors and is always on sale. Do not buy this at full price. The light blue always sells out immediately, but you can almost always grab the pink or other colors.

I have the hot pink and the teal it was as close as I could get to the light blue! The dress fits true to size and is short, but nothing too revealing.

💕Birthday Date💕

I wore this for my birthday dinner. Definitely check it out and I’ll be posting the teal one as well!

Hot Pink Dress


Amazon Workout Review

I purchased three Amazon workout sets for review over the summer. I got a chance to wear all three to lounge around in but I also worked out in all three as well.

First up this mauve set! I love the color, fabric and high waist. Very comfortable working out in. These can be a tad see through but did find during my work out at home. 8/10!

Second, this lavender set! This is my favorite color set. Does it hide everything? No. You aren’t completely sucked in, but this set is so pretty and the waist was super high..which I love! A tad see through working out but held up fine. 10/10!

This blue set I was disappointed in. The waist hits at an awkward spot for me. The fabric is very thin and very see through. I could not work out comfortably in this set! However, it’s perfect just to hang out at home in. 7/10.

Overall I was really impressed! If I had to purchase again I would go for the lavender brand. For video of these sets check out my tiktok account at styleprofilekc!


Miss Guided Red Dress

Miss Guided is another new website I’ve been purchasing a few items from. This first dress I am posting about was actually my favorite and the most affordable!

This mini dress was only 14.00! The material is nice and thick, and it’s made really well. This is a little shorter than I would normally wear..but you could always add black tights! For fall I added booties, bc this really is a summer dress..but hasn’t stopped me before! 😅

Definitely, check out Miss Guided for some affordable outfit ideas! I have a lot more to share!

Red Dress