Spring Target Finds!

I got a few new things at Target this week!

First up, this tennis skirt by Wild Fable. It runs big, so size down. They also have this in a mint green color. Love this for spring!

Next, this vintage Levi shirt! This was kind of hanging out by itself amongst other shirts and I grabbed it. I love the colors, and it’s super soft!

I bought three body suits. All are Wild Fable, but my favorite one is the lavender top. It’s so flattering, and the straps are adjustable! I cannot find this anywhere on Target’s website, so I linked another favorite top. I know the lavender one is in stores though!


Tennis Skirt

Body Suit blue and white

Body Suit

I found a bunch of cute sunglasses, too! I’ll be posting the link and reviews of those next!


Mom Jeans 👖 💁🏻‍♀️

I don’t usually buy denim from Target, but their jeans are so affordable I thought I’d grab a pair of mom jeans to try out!

They were true to size, high waisted and super comfortable. Do I think they are the most flattering jean you could wear? Of course not. 😆However, for at home or to run errands in they are fine! I did love the the Wild Fable body suit I picked up from there, and definitely recommend it!


Mom Jean

Body Suit


Colsie Lounge Sets!

I bought a couple of lounge sets at Target from the brand, Colsie! Here is my review!

I grabbed two sweat sets, and some leggings with a matching cropped tank. The leggings are SO soft! However, they are definitely not supportive, do not suck anything in and are not for working out in. I would only wear them around the house and maybe to bed. They did fall down on me a lot as well, they were my least favorite item. The cropped tank is cute, and can be paired with the matching bike shorts.

Next up is this tie dye sweat set! I love this, it’s really soft! I would say this brand fits on the smaller side. Normally, I like my sweatshirts a lot baggier. I’m not sure if the tie dye trend is dead yet, but Target is keeping it alive! I really loved this, and you could pair it with the purple tank.

I saved my favorite for last! These leopard print sweats with this beige sweatshirt is so cute. I love the colors, and again so soft! I will say the inside of this sweatshirt shed a bit. I found a bunch of fuzz in my hair after I put it on. 😂 If I were to pick anything out of the three, it would definitely be this set! Once again, it ran smaller than I like, but the sweats were still high rise.

I have to figure out how I can get the entire wall lit up 😂

Check out my video and the links are below!

Tie Dye Set


Leopard Set



Target Finds!

Target is slowly putting out spring clothing, makes me happy in these crazy times!

Here is what I purchased!

This blue WildFable dress is so romantic and easy to wear! I love the sleeves, and the ties at the bottom. This was a little big on me, so maybe size down! This also comes in black.

Next, this this sweater set from WildFable. It’s so sweet. It also comes in baby blue. Keep in mind the top is very cropped!

Next, this pretty tie-dye dress! It’s super flowy and easy to wear.

Last, this adorable T-shirt and sweats!


Some are linked below! Unfortunately, the two dresses weren’t online yet. I tried to find similar looks. They are in stores, though!




Slip Dress Similar

Floral Dress


Get the look 💕Blake Lively💫

My favorite celebrity style is by far Blake Lively. 🤩 I love that she’s a mom of three but still super fashionable. In a way her style reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker, also a favorite! I looked in my closet to see if I could replicate some of her looks.

First up, this black and white dress/camel coat! I knew I had the skirt and had to find a top to match. I ended up layering a dress from Forever21 under the checkered skirt from Target. My coat is from TJ Maxx! I belted the skirt to give more of an angle like her dress has at the waist.

If I was still working I would definitely wear this to the office (depending on what kind 😅). I love the black and white against the camel color, and my favorite length of skirt or dress is this midi length!

This next look is from a movie she was in called “Café Society.” She looked beautiful in this silver dress. I have a similar silver gown from Windsor that I wore to a ball.

What I love about this Windsor gown is the top portion. The woven pattern is very flattering especially where it cuts off at the waist. This material is stretchy, and this dress is so easy to wear! I actually wore this gown out after I had my first child. I love checking out Windsor for their gowns. ✨

Last, this casual look! I believe this may be from her Gossip Girl days. I had just recently purchased the captain’s hat from Target! The leggings are ALO and my sweater is Target! My heels are also..Target..shocking, I know!

This was so fun to do! I have a couple other of celebrities in mind to do next. If you want to see a video of these check out Tiktok or Instagram @styleprofilekc.


Target Accessories 😎

I went out and purchased a few Target hair accessories to play with! I bought four items. Two hats and two pieces for my hair. I really loved two out of the four!

Let’s start with the two purchases that I could take or leave! I bought these gold hair clips, which are really pretty and obviously on trend right now. Nothing spectacular but good quality for 8.00! 8/10

Next up, this captain‘s hat that my son said made me look like a train conductor. 🚂 I think it’s super cute, but to be honest it hurts my head! Also, it leaves a really terrible mark on the forehead..so I don’t think I would have purchased normally..but I didn’t want to try hats on in store with covid going around, so I just hoped it would work out. 7/10.

I don’t normally wear headbands, bc I get migraines so easily..however this red and pink combo on caught my eye. I really loved it on, and had fun styling an outfit around it! I will definitely wear this out. Extra points bc it didn’t hurt my head! 😂 9/10

Last, my favorite purchase! This blue hat. My other son told me I looked like a cowboy in this hat. As you can tell, they are my biggest supporters! 🙃 This hat is awesome! It’s super comfortable, doesn’t leave any forehead marks, good quality and the best part is the color! Especially, if you have blue eyes you have to check this out! 10/10!

I styled clothing around all four pieces! Check it out at StyleProfileKC on Instagram and Tiktok!


Captain Hat


Blue Hat


Target Sweater💕 (on sale!)

As I’m writing this on 12/21, this Wild Fable sweater is only 10.00! It comes in a few colors and fits true to size.

What I like about this sweater is that it’s cropped! It’s more form fitting than most sweaters. The square neckline is flattering, and the puffy sleeves are my favorite! Check out Instagram or tiktok for the styling video. 🙂

Wild Fable Sweater