Target Sweater💕 (on sale!)

As I’m writing this on 12/21, this Wild Fable sweater is only 10.00! It comes in a few colors and fits true to size.

What I like about this sweater is that it’s cropped! It’s more form fitting than most sweaters. The square neckline is flattering, and the puffy sleeves are my favorite! Check out Instagram or tiktok for the styling video. 🙂

Wild Fable Sweater


Pretty Amazon Dress

I randomly found this sweet dress while browsing Amazon the other day.

This dress is definitely not for the season we are in. However, it’s so pretty for Spring or Summer..and hopefully by then I can actually wear this out of the house somewhere! 🙌🏻😅

This dress comes in so many colors! I love the yellow and the pink as well. Its lined, so it’s not see through like some cheaper dresses can be. Definitely, check this out!

Floral Amazon Dress


Target 3 piece set.

This might be my favorite find at Target of all time! 🙌🏻

I couldn’t find this full set in store. I saw it online, and ordered it immediately. Ordering sets are the best! You can wear the top with different skirts or the skirt with different it’s like 100 different outfits in one. 😅 I did a tiktok on different ways to style this set!

They have this in a baby blue, cream and lavender (also so cute!). I went with the blue, which I feel like looks better with my skin tone. This material is a soft sweater like material.

The skirt is short, but I still felt comfortable in it at 5’10. The top is very cropped, but I paired it with a couple other skirts and still worked! I love the cardigan as well, it can go with anything!

I give this a 10/10! It comes in three separate pieces, and is very affordable. It fits true to size. highly recommend you check this adorable outfit!

Skirt Set in Blue


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MissGuided Teal Dress

I posted this dress in pink a few weeks ago. This is the perfect dress, in my opinion! Here it is in a teal color. I actually wanted it in baby blue, but this is as close as I could get! The light blue is always sold out.

What makes this dress so great is the way it fits. It will suck everything in, it has a pretty neck line and it isn’t too short for a “mini” dress. It comes in many colors and is always on sale! Definitely, do not pay full price for this.

Even if you have no where to wear this in the year 2020, scoop it up for next year!

Teal Dress


MissGuided Floral Dress

I promise it’s actually been warm enough this November to wear this! Under the current circumstances of course I had no where to wear it. 🙈

Let’s start with the pros! It has an extremely flattering neckline and a gorgeous floral pattern. I love the shoulders and the way it’s gathered in the front.

I will say this is another super short dress from MissGuided. I am also 5’10 and so everything is short on me. So be aware of that! You could always layer a skirt on top of the dress and no one would know the difference. This is a trick I use all the time. 😅

I got this for 34.00, so definitely wait for it to go back on sale. It usually does every other week!



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Perfect Sweater Dress!

Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I found a great dress from Amazon for fall. This is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner..I wore this for my family photos. I also have it in red! I’ll post the red in another entry. 🙂

What makes this dress so flattering are a few things! First, you can make it as conservative or a little less so by pulling down the shoulders. If you pull them down it really shows off your décolletage which is always flattering. The great part is the back has a strip of fabric that keeps the top of the dress from completely falling off your shoulders. The other flattering part of this dress is the tie that comes with it. You want to tie it right at your waist so it gives you a great shape.

I paired this with knee high boots, but it also looks great with heels. I can’t recommend this dress enough! You can find it in almost every color. The light blue and red just caught my eye, but the burnt orange is gorgeous, too! This dress fits true to size and is around 40.00!

Linked below!

Amazon Dress

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Boohoo Wrap Dress

I purchased a few dresses from Boohoo. I would say overall the quality is hit or miss. This was a hit!

My favorite dress I purchased from Boohoo is this floral wrap dress. It was definitely the best quality of the four I purchased. Wrap dresses are always flattering on any shape! Also super easy to wear.

I paired this with the same knee high boots I always wear! This dress has vertical stripes which will elongate your body and make it even more flattering. I love this length bc I feel completely covered at the same time it shows just a little bit of leg.

I give this dress a 10/10! Linked below, I highly recommend this!

Boohoo Wrap Dress


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The Prettiest dress!

Hello! Fall is definitely here where I live, it’s already hit freezing! I have so many dresses that I didn’t get to wear this year bc of the pandemic. So my goal is to show how I would turn a spring or summer dress into something you can wear in fall and winter!

This Shein dress is the best piece I’ve ever gotten off of that website. The neckline and sleeves are so pretty. The coolest part about this dress is as you tie it, the neckline changes. You can wear this dress short or long! It is more pricy compared to other Shein pieces I’ve bought, but the quality is SO much better!

This dress I bought for spring but if you pair it with a knee high boot you an definitely wear this in the fall and be warm enough!

Sweetheart Dress

Hope you are enjoying this last week of October!


Halloween Costume Ideas!

Obviously, Halloween looks different this year! However, I really wanted to do some easy costume ideas for fun. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I decided to take my three favorite movies from the 90s as inspiration! Please check out my tiktok at styleprofilekc for the video!

The first one I decided to do was Allison from Hocus Pocus. You see the witches all the time, but rarely do you see anyone dressed up as Allison! She was so beautiful to me, and in my favorite movie of all time!

This outfit is so easy to do! You just need a beige cardigan, jeans and a locket. I had to buy a locket charm from JoAnns for 2.00. I also made my own spell book! I found his book at JoAnns and glued on a “googly” eye. You could really take the time to make the book look more spooky, by adding spider webs and making it look more aged!

My next costume idea is from the movie Clueless! We all see the yellow plaid costume I decided to pull a different look. The gym class outfit Cher wears in the movie is so easy to do! All you need are bike shorts, a black tank top and a white T-shirt for underneath! I also made a “chain cell phone holder” by using a 2.00 chain again from the craft store. Such a comfortable and easy costume. If you are brunette like me you could also grab a blonde wig!


One of my favorite scary movies from childhood is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The look that Buffy wears in the movie’s poster is so easy to recreate. I just grabbed a children’s green T-shirt for 3.99 and JoAnns and cut the sleeves off. I already had purple leggings and a black hoodie to tie around my waist! All I needed was a stake which super easy to find at the craft store. You could also get one at a hardware store. Once again, if you really wanted to go all out you could wear a blonde wig if you are brunette like me!

As you can see all three costumes are so easy to pull off! My favorite is still you would stay warm! To see how I created these outfits check out my tiktok at StyleProfileKc!

Happy Halloween!


The perfect pink dress!

Happy Sunday! This MissGuided dress comes in a lot of colors and is always on sale. Do not buy this at full price. The light blue always sells out immediately, but you can almost always grab the pink or other colors.

I have the hot pink and the teal it was as close as I could get to the light blue! The dress fits true to size and is short, but nothing too revealing.

💕Birthday Date💕

I wore this for my birthday dinner. Definitely check it out and I’ll be posting the teal one as well!

Hot Pink Dress