⚡️📽 Dresses in Action

💫Windsor Black Dress💫
🦋Windsor Silver Dress🦋
💕Forever21 Pink Dress💕

I decided to use our movie projector to take some fun videos of these dresses! I hope that these are fun to watch! I’ve had this idea in my head forever, but just needed to do it! If you want to take some cool photos/videos and have a projector definitely try it out! I will for sure be doing this again in the future. 🥰


📸credits: RobotKid, Teh Madafacas, RadioeditAV, Ben Longden

Valentine’s Dress Ideas

This Valentine’s Day will probably be a lot different than before but I still think it’s nice to dress up at home for a romantic dinner. 💕

I found these two dresses on Amazon. 100/10 on both dresses! 🙌🏻

This first one is a hot pink strapless dress. It is really thick material, and has elastic at the top so it stays up! I added the black belt bc I felt like it needed something to snatch in the waist. I think this dress is so classy and timeless! It comes in a ton of different colors, too! This is my favorite length for dresses, as well!

Next, this red dress..talk about a flattering cut! The stitching on this dress is amazing. It’s extremely flattering and so easy to wear! The fabric on this dress is also thick and good quality. To be honest, I couldn’t get it zipped up all the way by myself 😅 so if it was zipped fully I think the fit on top fit would be even better.

That band around the waist is 👌🏼 what you want! This dress also comes in other colors.

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff online, and Amazon is always some of the best quality items! These dresses are linked below! Check out my Instagram for the video coming soon! ❤️

Pink Strapless Dress

Red Dress


Favorite ASOS Dresses💫

It’s not a secret my favorite website to order any type of dress is from ASOS. The quality is always great and I love the variety of items on the site! The majority of my dresses are from ASOS. 🥰

This first dress I wore to my nieces Bat Mitzvah. They actually sent me the wrong dress, but I loved this one so much I kept it! The material is scuba (super flattering) and the angled cut on the dress is also really flattering. I rarely wear white, but the material is so thick it is not see through!

The next dress is a silver Grecian dress I wore to an event with my husband. This is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love that the sash drapes down the back as well.

Next, this orange dress! It’s a lot going on I know..but I wore this to a Kentucky Derby party so it was more like a costume than anything else! This dress has the off the shoulder arm cuffs and it’s also a scuba material..ie flattering and easy to wear! The bow is not something I would normally gravitate towards, but I think it works with this dress!

Finally, this floral dress with the bodice and bows 😍 I wore this to our anniversary dinner last year. I think this is my favorite ASOS dress of all time. The pattern, cut and shoulder details, are all so feminine but at the same time really fashion forward. This material is also scuba! Do you see a pattern!?

I have more ASOS dresses I love I will share in a part 2! Definitely, check out their stuff if you need a new dress in 2021!


Get the look 💕Blake Lively💫

My favorite celebrity style is by far Blake Lively. 🤩 I love that she’s a mom of three but still super fashionable. In a way her style reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker, also a favorite! I looked in my closet to see if I could replicate some of her looks.

First up, this black and white dress/camel coat! I knew I had the skirt and had to find a top to match. I ended up layering a dress from Forever21 under the checkered skirt from Target. My coat is from TJ Maxx! I belted the skirt to give more of an angle like her dress has at the waist.

If I was still working I would definitely wear this to the office (depending on what kind 😅). I love the black and white against the camel color, and my favorite length of skirt or dress is this midi length!

This next look is from a movie she was in called “Café Society.” She looked beautiful in this silver dress. I have a similar silver gown from Windsor that I wore to a ball.

What I love about this Windsor gown is the top portion. The woven pattern is very flattering especially where it cuts off at the waist. This material is stretchy, and this dress is so easy to wear! I actually wore this gown out after I had my first child. I love checking out Windsor for their gowns. ✨

Last, this casual look! I believe this may be from her Gossip Girl days. I had just recently purchased the captain’s hat from Target! The leggings are ALO and my sweater is Target! My heels are also..Target..shocking, I know!

This was so fun to do! I have a couple other of celebrities in mind to do next. If you want to see a video of these check out Tiktok or Instagram @styleprofilekc.


Target Accessories 😎

I went out and purchased a few Target hair accessories to play with! I bought four items. Two hats and two pieces for my hair. I really loved two out of the four!

Let’s start with the two purchases that I could take or leave! I bought these gold hair clips, which are really pretty and obviously on trend right now. Nothing spectacular but good quality for 8.00! 8/10

Next up, this captain‘s hat that my son said made me look like a train conductor. 🚂 I think it’s super cute, but to be honest it hurts my head! Also, it leaves a really terrible mark on the forehead..so I don’t think I would have purchased normally..but I didn’t want to try hats on in store with covid going around, so I just hoped it would work out. 7/10.

I don’t normally wear headbands, bc I get migraines so easily..however this red and pink combo on caught my eye. I really loved it on, and had fun styling an outfit around it! I will definitely wear this out. Extra points bc it didn’t hurt my head! 😂 9/10

Last, my favorite purchase! This blue hat. My other son told me I looked like a cowboy in this hat. As you can tell, they are my biggest supporters! 🙃 This hat is awesome! It’s super comfortable, doesn’t leave any forehead marks, good quality and the best part is the color! Especially, if you have blue eyes you have to check this out! 10/10!

I styled clothing around all four pieces! Check it out at StyleProfileKC on Instagram and Tiktok!


Captain Hat


Blue Hat


✨Amazon NYE Dresses ✨

This entire post is in theory if I had somewhere to go. Let’s just start off with that! Everyone should be staying home this year! Next year..it’s on!

I purchased three Amazon dresses to review. This first dress was a little big on me, but I am going to exchange it for a smaller size, bc the color is amazing! It comes in many colors, and pretty sure I already have this in green, but the blue caught my eye!

10/10 for the blue dress. It runs big so I would pay attention to the size chart! Really great quality material and color.

Next up, is this green dress. This was my least favorite. It doesn’t fit very well. It is pretty see through as well. I would say this is a fail on all aspects! The color is pretty, especially if your coloring is similar to mine. I style it differently on the video, if I had to make it work! Check it out on Tiktok-StyleProfileKC. 🙂

Saved the best for last! This red dress is 🔥. It fits so well, is made of high quality fabric and has the coolest shoulder cut. This was my favorite out of the three, and this would be the one I would definitely wear! Go check it out, I would love to get the hot pink, too! 😍

Blue Bandage Dress

Red Dress

Green Dress

Happy Holidays, everyone! ❤️🌲🕍


Amazon Sweater Dress in Red❤️

If I had a Christmas Eve dinner to attend with my side of the family, this is what I would wear! Obviously, that isn’t happening this year. So, maybe by Valentine’s Day things will be better and I can wear this to dinner with my husband. Possibly just in our kitchen, so I won’t get my hopes up!

I wrote about this dress a few posts back and showed it in blue, and here it is in red. It is the perfect dress for fall/winter. If you want to make it a little more conservative pull the shoulders up. The tie around the waist makes it super flattering.

Definitely, check this one out! It comes in a ton of colors and there is a midi version of this dress that is also very classy and cute!

Red Sweater Dress


Target Sweater💕 (on sale!)

As I’m writing this on 12/21, this Wild Fable sweater is only 10.00! It comes in a few colors and fits true to size.

What I like about this sweater is that it’s cropped! It’s more form fitting than most sweaters. The square neckline is flattering, and the puffy sleeves are my favorite! Check out Instagram or tiktok for the styling video. 🙂

Wild Fable Sweater


Pretty Amazon Dress

I randomly found this sweet dress while browsing Amazon the other day.

This dress is definitely not for the season we are in. However, it’s so pretty for Spring or Summer..and hopefully by then I can actually wear this out of the house somewhere! 🙌🏻😅

This dress comes in so many colors! I love the yellow and the pink as well. Its lined, so it’s not see through like some cheaper dresses can be. Definitely, check this out!

Floral Amazon Dress


Target 3 piece set.

This might be my favorite find at Target of all time! 🙌🏻

I couldn’t find this full set in store. I saw it online, and ordered it immediately. Ordering sets are the best! You can wear the top with different skirts or the skirt with different tops..so it’s like 100 different outfits in one. 😅 I did a tiktok on different ways to style this set!

They have this in a baby blue, cream and lavender (also so cute!). I went with the blue, which I feel like looks better with my skin tone. This material is a soft sweater like material.

The skirt is short, but I still felt comfortable in it at 5’10. The top is very cropped, but I paired it with a couple other skirts and still worked! I love the cardigan as well, it can go with anything!

I give this a 10/10! It comes in three separate pieces, and is very affordable. It fits true to size. highly recommend you check this adorable outfit!

Skirt Set in Blue


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