Easy Halloween Costume Idea

This is what I wore over the weekend that included a quick and easy Halloween costume! 🎃

First up, our family took a long walk Saturday morning bc fall is in full swing and it was absolutely beautiful this day.


I am wearing Lululemon pants and vest, Target shirt, Addidas shoes and Quay sunglasses.

That evening we celebrated a family members birthday. It was chilly in the evening and I didn’t want to self tan 😂 so I pulled out my favorite black boots, black skirt from Forever21 and black/gold turtleneck form Forever21. If you don’t know what to wear, wear all black! This was easy to chase my kids around in as well!


Finally, we had a family Halloween celebration to attend. I love Halloween so I was game to dress up with the kids! I didn’t put a lot of money or effort into this, and you could take it as far as you want to! I’m a 🤓 nerd if you’re wondering! B1CDF3E4-F761-4BC5-B226-558288CCFE4297D83272-9C66-40F8-BB4F-04526EA473FE

I hope you have a very safe, fun and Happy Halloween! 🎃

Nerd Kit


Similar Vest

Spring is here!

Finally! Spring has arrived in the area I live in! I can’t wait to wear more dresses again and bright colors. In the meantime here are a few outfits from last week as we transitioned from Winter to Spring.


Leather Jacket-Nordstrom Rack*Sweater-Old Navy*Jeans-American Eagle*Booties-Toms



Jean Jacket-Target*Top-Vans                                             *Leggings-Lululemon*Shoes-Addidas


Hat-Puma*Vest-Lululemon                             Leggings-Zella*Shoes-Vans

All of these looks are layered so that I’m warm when it’s cold in the morning but can take my jacket/vest off in the afternoon as it heats up!

Next up, I wore a couple of dresses this weekend I’ll be posting on here soon!


Casual Wednesday

This day I had a bunch of errands to run with the kiddos! I wore jeans that I cuffed up, a loose fitting gray t-shirt tied up and my addidas.

Very simple outfit for a cooler day outside during the summer! These target t-shirts are my absolute favorite! Buy them in an XL, so you can wear them tied up like below!

IMG_1673.JPGShirt- Target





Today we had fun with some out of town friends!

I wore my AE distressed capris and a Target shirt I grabbed for 10.00! I wore my Addidas and a hat and was good to go! I found these Addidas at Marshalls for 35.00. They are so comfortable, I know they are kind of overly popular but I see why people love them. 🙂 This shirt from Target is an XXL and so I can tie it up like usual!

Love this casual look for Momma’s on the go!

IMG_1407.JPGHat-Local Boutique



Shoes-TJ Maxx

Watch- Marc Jacobs



This summer I plan on wearing baseball hats a lot. I purchased three last week, one being this Adidas one from Asos. I loved the olive green color-and obviously Addidas is having a moment, especially in the shoe arena.

Paired with jeans I rolled up and a baseball shirt, I was ready to chase the kiddos around outside all day!





Who needs dry shampoo when you have a hat!