Bike shorts? I’m a fan!

I really didn’t think I’d hop on the bike short trend until quarantine life hit and I was left to I missing out on something amazing and comfortable!?

Well yes! I was! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a higher end bike short, so found these on Amazon and I am in love! I think I will try the Alo or Lululemon brand next since I’ve figured out what the hype is about..and I can report back! They are high waisted, super soft and not see through! Win!


I also wore these during my spin work out. I’m certified to teach, and LOVE doing spin work outs everyday. These were so much cooler than my normal pants. They past the work out test as well! Definitely give these a chance!


Bike Short



4th of July

Hope you had a great holiday weekend, safely socially distanced! 😷 Found the cutest Amazon dress for the 4th this year! It also comes in black.


Wrap dresses are universally flattering! I especially love the feminine shoulders and even though it’s a short dress, it’s still classy and easy to wear. Great price point, too!

Wrap dress


Favorite Amazon Dresses

I had so much fun doing the previous Tiktok I thought I’d do another for Amazon dresses! All are still in stock and you can still get them. remember prices seem to fluctuate on Amazon and it depends on the color you pick! Amazon Dress Video

The bandage dresses I found last year. They are a little more than the other two but great quality. My favorite is the red two piece, I plan on wearing that as a bathing suit cover up..when pools are open again! The sundress is more silky than cotton which was a nice surprise. 🙂



Red Set

Sun dress

Pink Bandage Dress

Green Bandage Dress


Gold Amazon Dress

Below I posted about a beautiful ballgown I found on Amazon! I found that after I found this gold dress, for 50.00! Such a steal! It fits true to size, is plenty long and good quality. Again, if you take time on the site and look at customer photos you can really score some great finds and good prices! Always, look at the costumer photos!!! I find that to be the best indicator if ordering from Amazon is going to work out.



Gold Amazon dress


Beautiful skirt/Amazon Pants

I found this maroon skirt at Target, and I absolutely love it. I bought it in the summer but I believe it’s still in stores, I can’t find it online unfortunately. It sits high on the waist with a big bow. It is super comfortable and great quality fabric! I paired it with a body suit from Target as well!

Below the skirt, I found a cute striped dress at Marshalls for a day in September that was in the 90s! I love this style of dress, they are comfortable and easy to wear.


Next up are these Amazon pants I see a few bloggers raving about! They are high waisted with a tie and will hit above your ankle. Perfect for work or if you want to go with pants instead of a dress or skirt for whatever occasion. I think the fabric feels a little cheap and the sizing is a little off. The small was too tight on me but the medium was a little baggy. Worth a try for the price! I have worn them to a morning work event for my husband when it was a little too cold out for a dress.


Amazon Pants

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Amazon Hat

It finally felt like fall today! I bought this hat off of Amazon after seeing a couple other fashion bloggers rave about it!


It comes in a lot of fun colors which is great! I will say it feels and looks cheap up close, but on your head I don’t think anyone would notice. It’s also adjustable which is nice!


Here I paired a Target midi dress with Old Navy booties, a Target cardigan and the Amazon hat! An easy transition outfit to fall. Although, we have 90 degree weather coming our way next week. 😅



Summer casual

I’m back with a some outfits I’ve been wearing the past couple of weeks!

I paired my Adidas with a simple midi dress from Target and tied a tank top up over the top. I will say I didn’t feel very feminine in this look but it is super comfy!


Last, these jean shorts I bought oversized from Target are the only shorts I wear! I have two pairs of them. Paired with another t-shirt from Target and some flip flops I thought this look was super cute! The sunglasses are from Amazon, not my favorite. I tried the trend though! 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Merci Top





Derby Day!

I love dressing up for the Derby party we go to every year! Unfortunately, this year the dress I ordered didn’t make it in time 😓 but I had this dress from Asos that I haven’t gotten to wear yet.


It is really light weight but has velvet through out. The length is a little shorter than what I would normally wear, but it was for a fun occasion! My hat is from Amazon and the shoes are Target!


Light weight velvet dress

I can’t find that exact dress but linked above 👆🏻is another dress I own you can wear in warmer months!

Similar hat

The way the race ended was almost as entertaining as the fashion and hats! 🤯







Hawaii Outfits

My husband and I were lucky to travel to Maui during one of the looooongest winters in recent memory! I had so much fun shopping for bargain dresses for this trip!

Outfit 1

This Asos dress caught my eye bc of the color and cut out on the side. I was worried it would wrinkle easily in my suitcase but that wasn’t a problem at all! This dress can be a little tricky to wear spanx with, bc of the cut out but that was my only issue.




Almost all of my bathing suits are from Amazon! This is one I couldn’t ever wear at home with the kids in the pool (too risky 😬) so I was excited to pull this out on our trip! I am tall and the length is great for long torsos, but the best part is this suit is very affordable and comes in many patterns! I didn’t take pictures of my other bathing suits but I’ll link my favorite two piece I bought below.


Bathing Suit


Outfit 2

This Asos dress was really colorful and came in my favorite flattering fabric, scuba. I loved the pattern, length and it was really comfortable!



Outfit 3

This evening was a causal evening so I paired a forever21 bodysuit with a skirt I found from TJ Maxx.


Outfit 4

This was my favorite dress out of them all. Also, from Asos I loved the shoulder, small cut out and pattern. This was a little tricky to put on at first, I had to go back to the picture of the model! 😂 This also did not wrinkle in my suitcase!




Outfit 5

This dress actually got a lot of compliments from other people which was nice! It was really light and girly. I loved the colors, as you can see it matched the evening sky! This is also from Asos!


Color Block Dress

And my travel outfit! I like to wear leggings on the airplane and a t-shirt. Leggings are Alo, T-shirt is Target and leather jacket is from Nordstrom Rack. This picture of me makes me laugh, bc I am trying way too hard (I was delirious after the 7 hour flight) but it’s the only one I have to show!


And last thank you to my husband for helping me take pictures for this blog!! I had a great trip with you!




What I Wear to the 🏊‍♀️

Chasing around 3 kids at a pool can be really stressful and hard to manage. So let’s just say mommy isn’t running around in a string bikini anymore these days! I like to be pretty covered up but at the same time stylish.

I have searched high and low for the perfect “Mom suit” that isn’t super frumpy or matronly. You still want to feel good about yourself at the pool!

Enter the perfect solution, a high waisted swim skirt. It’s super retro, flattering and covers your butt! Score!

I wear this usually with a one piece and sometimes with a bikini top! I have a black one from Unique Vintage and a navy blue one from Amazon. You can wear it short or pull it down to cover more as shown in picture 2.


The bathing suit is from TJ Maxx and my silver slides are from Target!

I also found a few cute cover ups that were very inexpensive from Target and Poshmark!

Hope this helps those of you looking for a stylish solution while chasing kiddos around a pool! ☀️