Capris for now..

Ok so it’s definitely getting warmer outside! I am on the hunt for a good pair of shorts. You know shorts that aren’t TOO short. Afterall, I am a mom. However, I’m not feeling the Bermuda shorts either. I am still young after all, young-ish!

I have been wearing these American Eagle Capri jeans a lot lately. I will admit though, if it’s over 75 degrees, I start to get really hot. I have them in normal denim as well. I pretty much go back and forth  between the two.

Ive looked everywhere for an appropriate yet stylish pair of denim shorts to no avail. I definitely cannot live in these capris all summer! This is the first summer I am not pregnant nor post baby, so I’m ready for a re-vamp of my summer bottoms. I am going to try Ann Taylor Loft, they are rated highly by other m bloggers on the internet. They don’t look too frumpy either!

IMG_1111.JPGMy daughter asked why my pants were broken 😂




I will report back when I find the shorts of my dreams!



This summer I plan on wearing baseball hats a lot. I purchased three last week, one being this Adidas one from Asos. I loved the olive green color-and obviously Addidas is having a moment, especially in the shoe arena.

Paired with jeans I rolled up and a baseball shirt, I was ready to chase the kiddos around outside all day!





Who needs dry shampoo when you have a hat!



Our playgroup had a Mom’s night out, to say goodbye to a great mom who is moving away 😢

I wore an off the shoulder blouse, my high waisted jeans and strapped wedges. It was easy to wear but fun for sangria and taco night! The “cold shoulder” look is getting a little over done, but I still think it’s delicate and feminine.

IMG_0976Blouse-Target EDIT Old Navy!!! I thought it was a Target find..nope! Shows you how much I do not stray from Target 😂

Jeans-American Eagle



Dress down👇 then up☝️

Today I had plenty of errands to run and had to chase around the kids of course! Mid afternoon I had an event at my husband’s work that I needed to wear a dress for.

I kept the same denim shirt over both outfits! It worked well with both so win for me!

I love love love my old navy booties! They are SO comfortable and the heel isn’t very high. Old navy has great shoes at such a cheap price!

Outfit 1:




Outfit 2:

Dress-TJ Maxx


Shoes-Old Navy



Ok so in 2012, owls were on everything. 2017 it’s 🌵!

Found this cute shirt at Target for 12.99. Bought it oversized and it fits great! Super comfy and a little cheesy!

I paired it with my black Capri jeans and a flannel-although it was pretty hot this day and not needed! My go to skip on vans and the kids and I were good to run a bunch of errands!

What will the next big trendy icon be?

IMG_0798.JPGBoth shirts-Target

Black Capri jeans-American Eagle



May 4th

Ok so the way mom’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo, is go to a Mexican restaurant the night before to beat the crowds! 😆 Seriously, we did!

My favorite color is pink although I hardly ever wear it. Tonight I wore a Forever21 pink top with jeans and booties. Pretty simple but I love the feminine details on this top! Also love the pink and black contrast.

IMG_0599.JPGTop- Forever21

Jeans- AE

Booties- Blowfish



Rain, again

Today I got to visit a friends new baby. She was a doll, and my baby (18 mos) seemed so big next to her. It goes by so fast!

Anyway, it was raining AGAIN! So I wore black jeans, a flannel shirt and my Tory Burch rainboots. I love my rainboots but I’m ready for sandal weather!!

So bent over to pick up my youngest and made the hole in one of the knees huge! It’s kind of embarrassing how big the hole is. Not sure how much longer I can rock these specific jeans!


That left hole is a WHOLE lot bigger now! 😂


Shirt- Target


Boots-Tory Burch


Rainy days…☂️

Another rainy day where I live. Today I wore my flannel shirt from Old Navy, jeans and Hunter boots.

I know a lot of girls are huge fans of Hunter boots, but I find them to be super heavy and clunky. I feel like I’m walking in slow motion in them. I will only wear them when it’s truly raining out. Not just because they look cute. I do think the red cable knit inserts are fun and they add a lot of warmth!


Shirt- Old Navy

Jeans- AE

Boots- Hunter

Watch- Michaels Kors


Keeping it real

So this is me keeping it real with you! This morning I woke up to find my son had taken off his diaper in the middle of the night and you can only imagine what I had to clean up this morning! We had somewhere to be so I had to give him a bath, get everybody dressed and out of the door fast.

I ended up wearing the same exact t-shirt from the day before (like I said keeping it real) and a different pair of black jeans. I put on my white converse and out we went!

Black on black is so easy when you’re in a hurry,  like I said in my previous post! Love my converse shoes! Comfortable and pretty cute!


Shirt- Target

Jeans- AE


My kids still don’t understand why mommy has holes in her pants. 😂

Open Houses 🏡

So a big passion of mine and my husband’s is real estate. In fact, I think that’s one of the earliest subjects we bonded over on our first date. We love older homes and we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into our current home which is very special to us.

We love looking at other homes on the market to get ideas and just for fun! Today we went to the Parade of Homes in our city. We actually didn’t have the kids today, so I wore booties and all black. The boots were not that great of an idea bc at each home we had to take our shoes off. This required a lot of work for me each time. Lesson learned for next year! IMG_0452

Shirt- Target

Jeans- AE

Shoes- Toms

Watch- Marc Jacobs

My husband wanted to know why you can’t see my face in any of my photos. It was never intentional, just focusing on the outfits! Anyway, here you go!

When you don’t know what to wear-all black is always in style! These pants are a little baggy and I’m not as big of a fan of these particular ones from American eagle. Anything that “bags out” really annoys me, and these don’t seem to hold their shape as well as other pants I own. I still plan on keeping them for days when I just want to be comfortable and don’t need jeans that are super tight! The jersey mossimo shirts from Target are my absolute favorite t-shirts. I can’t seem to find them anymore, but if they ever come back I’ll be sure to stock up!