⚡️Pink ASOS Velvet Dress💕

A lot of pink and red going on here, I know! This is an older purchase (they still have in stock!) but I love this dress, I have it in two colors!

This dress is a midi length and a light velvet which makes it super comfortable and easy to wear. The neckline is also flattering. I have it in hot pink and a mint green. Those two colors are sold out but they have it in stock in a pretty lavender color.

This dress is on sale, under 30.00! Linked below!

Velvet Midi Dress



Wizard of Oz🌈❤️

I decided to do another get the look, this time the Wizard of Oz style!

First up, Glinda the good witch. I loved Glinda when I was a little girl. I have this ASOS dress that I feel like perfectly lines up with Glinda’s aesthetic, pink and sparkly! ✨

Next, we have Dorothy! Of course I did blue and white! The top is from Amazon and the skirt is, Target! I love the bows on the shoulders, and pleated skirts are my favorite. I paired it with red shoes..bc you have to of course!

Finally, the wicked witch.! This black dress is from ASOS and I paired it with knee high boots. I don’t own a ton of black in my closet, but I do love the cut of this dress!

Tiktok Video!

This was so fun to do! My favorite look is Glinda’s hands down! 💕✨


Another red ASOS Dress! ❤️

I’ve had my eye on this dress forever! I love the style and the fabric is scuba, which is my favorite. The only issue is that it’s very short! I’m 5’11 and so mini dresses like this are a little more out of my comfort zone! The previous dress I posted provided more coverage, so if you’re tall like me just know that it is short. 😬😅

I love the structure of this dress and of course the color. 😎 When I get to wear this out, I’ll probably wear black tights to feel a little more covered.

Linked below!

Red Scuba Dress


Neon Yellow Dress!

Hello! I never wear neon yellow…ever..I have fair skin and reddish/brown hair so it’s not been a color that I think looks flattering on me. However, I saw this on ASOS and I LOVE a pleated skirt..so I tried to ignore the color. 😂


I love the classy style and cut of the dress,  I will also say the color didn’t look as bad as I thought it would..super easy to wear, love the pleats and the belt helps to create a nice shape. Highly recommend, purchased this for around 15.00!

Neon Dress


Silk slip dress

Happy Saturday! I don’t normally buy silk dresses even though they are really beautiful and super stylish. I personally find them so hard to wear! They stick to the wrong places and don’t always flatter the body. However, I saw this green and pink polka dot (another pattern I don’t normally gravitate towards) on ASOS, and thought it was the coolest looking dress. I loved the green and pink coloring and the way it was cut.



There are some diagonal cuts along the waist line that makes this dress lay more flattering than it would if it was just a normal a line type shape. The slit is not too high and the dress is not see through. Really great quality, and I’ll be so excited to wear this in the future!

Silk Dress



2020 Summer Outfits

All dressed up with no where to go! 🙃 Here are some outfits I put together in a video. Two outfits I created by putting skirts over the dress. It’s a fun way to get more out of a dress! This video was so fun to make, so I plan on making more! 👉 Summer 2020 Fashion Ideas

1. TJ Maxx

2. ASOS dress

3. ASOS dress/ Target skirt over the dress

4. ASOS dress/ Target skirt over the dress

5. Target top/ American Eagle jeans



Stay safe and healthy! ❤️


Last time I left the house…

Hi! I hope this post finds you healthy and happy! The last couple of months didn’t feel appropriate to post “fashion” finds..to be honest what anyone was wearing was the last thing on my mind!

All I’ve been wearing is work out clothes day in and day out. However, I never posted this dress I wore at the end of February to a school fundraiser.

This was from ASOS under 50, and was so easy and comfortable to wear! When the sun hits this dress it really pops!

ASOS rose dress


I hope to post some happy spring/summer ideas soon! Stay safe ❤️


Florida ☀️

Hi! We traveled to Florida in January for a quick trip. I found a really pretty dress on ASOS for our main “fancy” dinner. Everything else was something I already owned.

This dress is actually prettier in person. It was originally almost 100.00 and I got it for under 30! It’s really high quality and was easy to wear.


This is a fun dress form TJ Maxx! I wore this when we ate dinner in the hotel room the first night.


Travel day uniform. (Minus the flip flops)


This outfit was from a work event for my husband. Skirt is Target and the top I’ve had forever! Shoes are also from Target.


I didn’t shop for anything really new for this trip, hence the lack of photos! Good for my wallet I guess! 🙂



Happy New Year!

Happy 20/20! I took a break from posting in December, however I did snap a few outfits I wore this month. The holiday party that was the fanciest got canceled due to a snowstorm and I was so bummed not to wear the dress I planned but will probably post pictures of it regardless (stay tuned!) However, the dress I wore for NYE was really fun and only 50.00 on ASOS!

Cozy pearl sweater I found at Forever21.


Red velvet wrap around I wore to Christmas dinner also Forever21!


NYE dress! ASOS!


Happy New Year to everyone! I am excited for the year to come! 🥰



I have some exciting dresses to share with everyone. November we are invited again to three black tie events, which is super special and I feel so lucky!

The first dress I want to post about is this one from ASOS. It was actually meant to be my birthday dress, but unfortunately our dinner date turned into more of a day date and this would have not been appropriate 😂!! The first gala is black tie optional so I usually chose a cocktail dress for this particular event. Red is my favorite color to wear in a dress. I loved these bows on the shoulders and the dress was structured so well. This dress was a steal at 18.00! Unfortunately, it’s gone now but I will link a similar style and price point below.


I wanted wanted to share this casual dress from the Target clearance section! I saw this when it was regularly priced but didn’t know if I had a reason to wear a dress like this! I have worn it to two events now. If you can find it in the clearance section, grab it! I paired it with red shoes for a pop of color!



Asos dress similar