Derby Day 2018!

May 5th was a busy day! We had a Cinco de Mayo party and a Derby party to attend back to back!

For these occasions I went straight to ASOS and searched for my favorite material and length! Scuba and midi length! And bam the perfect dress popped up.



This dress was at a great price point. I loved the bright orange color, off the shoulder sleeves and the way it fit and flared at the bottom. I pairs it with some floral heels and my derby fastener from amazon!

This dress was super comfortable and easy to wear. Not only that it easily transitioned from derby party to cinco de mayo perfectly!

Hope you’re having a great week!


Fashion emergency! NYE dress switch up!

New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to look extra fancy for a night out! I purchased this beautiful red midi dress from ASOS on sale and loved it! The problem is as I was cleaning up some of the kitchen before we were to depart I got stains on it! 🤦🏻‍♀️


Before I show you what I had to switch into let me tell you this dress is amazing! It’s it’s warm and comfortable and very flattering. I did have to use tape to tape down the top so nothing would show. This dress also comes in black on the ASOS website. I will be saving this for Valentine’s Day!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave the house with my dress such a mess so I switched into a back up outfit. It was a crop top from Windsor and the skirt was a bandage skirt from Forever21.


I definitely preferred the red dress but above was fine, too. I was a little chillier than before that’s for sure!

Anyway, I started out 2018 with a fashion emergency so my lesson to you is, always have a back up plan! 😆

Happy 2018! Going forward I plan on starting an Instagram page specifically for outfits and get in the habit of taking more professional photos more often.



Charity Event Dress

Tonight, my husband and I attended a wonderful fundraiser for a developmental center for children with special needs.


It was cocktail attire, and I noticed this year there were actually a lot of gowns vs shorter dresses. If I would have known gowns were acceptable, I would have most definitely worn one! 🤷🏻‍♀️

This dress is from Asos. I actually bought it last year as a NYE dress, but ended up wearing something else. It is light and super easy to wear. I think it’s very flattering in some angles and can be a bit unflattering in other angles bc of how it’s cut..and that’s my stylish husband in his H&M suit! 😊 We were so rushed to get out of the door, I don’t have any great fashiony pictures of the dress, but you get the idea!

Dress- Asos


Next year I’ll probably do a longer gown. How often do you get to wear one!?


Anniversary flowers 🌺

I’ve been saving this floral and striped dress I found on Asos for a special occasion and it was perfect for our anniversary dinner.

It is my favorite length, midi, and material! Scuba material is so flattering on everyone. It hides everything!

My favorite detail were the ties on the shoulders. They were kind of hard to get just right so they didn’t look silly, but I think I did an OK job tying them.




Shoes- Nine West

Bracelet- Forever21

Happy 7 years to my husband who took these photos for me! ❤️


Orange! 🍊

My husband had his high school reunion this weekend and it was very fun/entertaining!

I never wear orange but I found this bright dress on Asos for pretty cheap! I wasn’t sure if the fabric would be too thin, but it was pretty good quality and I ended up really liking this color!



The bag and shoes are from Target! 👯




Bracelet-Kate Spade


I like that it was flirty but still keeping it classy with the length. Gold jewelry goes great with orange and my purse was a fun pattern to make it more interesting! Asos again for the dress win!


Asos Dress

We had my nieces big party last weekend and for this I ordered a different dress from Asos than what I received from them! I ended up just keeping this one and wearing it bc at least it was the right size!

The cut on the waist is very flattering. This was a scuba print material that is also very easy to wear.

IMG_1213.JPGThe shoes were a find at Marshalls almost 5 years ago and are probably my most favorite shoes I own!



Necklace- Forever21

So even though I was frustrated I was sent the wrong dress for this occasion, the one they sent me worked out!




This summer I plan on wearing baseball hats a lot. I purchased three last week, one being this Adidas one from Asos. I loved the olive green color-and obviously Addidas is having a moment, especially in the shoe arena.

Paired with jeans I rolled up and a baseball shirt, I was ready to chase the kiddos around outside all day!





Who needs dry shampoo when you have a hat!


Mothers Day! 💐

My husband and I hosted a big brunch for his mom, my mom and his sister. Needless to say it wasn’t a very relaxing day for me but I was so happy to do it for them! They deserve it!

I ordered a dress off of ASOS for this occasions and they sent me the wrong dress completely. Luckily, I also ordered this lavender skirt so it worked out! ASOS has been a pain to work with when it comes to missing products, incorrect products or even trying to return merchandise. Which is so disappointing bc I love their clothing! 😩

I paired the skirt with a light blue crop top and my Nine West wedges. I love these bc they are easy to walk around in but look super cute! I love shoes that have ankle straps. I think it’s very flattering.

IMG_0914.JPGMy daughter gets so excited when I take photos of my outfits! ☺️ She tries to get in the picture a lot-I apologize!

Shirt- Forever21


Shoes-Nine West

Hope all you lovely mothers had a wonderful day!!


Derby Day 👒

Today was the Kentucky Derby. I have so much fun getting dressed up and going to this party!

I am wearing a midi scuba dress from Asos. Scuba material is super flattering if you can find it in a dress. My favorite length for dresses is midi length.  Mini skirts are often too short on me and maxi length are also too short on me! Midi is perfect if you are tall! Loved this bold gingham pattern in a spring dress.

My hat is from Amazon. It can be worn on a headband or clipped in your hair. I like to wear it clipped in, bc headbands give me headaches!

PS-tried to use dress tape with this dress from Target-it didn’t work 😦




Bag-Marc Jacobs