Easy Halloween Costume Idea

This is what I wore over the weekend that included a quick and easy Halloween costume! 🎃

First up, our family took a long walk Saturday morning bc fall is in full swing and it was absolutely beautiful this day.


I am wearing Lululemon pants and vest, Target shirt, Addidas shoes and Quay sunglasses.

That evening we celebrated a family members birthday. It was chilly in the evening and I didn’t want to self tan 😂 so I pulled out my favorite black boots, black skirt from Forever21 and black/gold turtleneck form Forever21. If you don’t know what to wear, wear all black! This was easy to chase my kids around in as well!


Finally, we had a family Halloween celebration to attend. I love Halloween so I was game to dress up with the kids! I didn’t put a lot of money or effort into this, and you could take it as far as you want to! I’m a 🤓 nerd if you’re wondering! B1CDF3E4-F761-4BC5-B226-558288CCFE4297D83272-9C66-40F8-BB4F-04526EA473FE

I hope you have a very safe, fun and Happy Halloween! 🎃

Nerd Kit


Similar Vest

Fall Jacket Favorite

I found this Camo jacket at TJ Maxx a couple months ago and wear it all the time. I love the print, the way it sinches in your waist and the length! I can wear my leggings in this jacket and my butt is covered which I like!

It definitely light weight so I don’t think I can wear it when it gets too cold out but for now this is my favorite fall jacket I’ve found! I also saw something similar at Target.


Jacket- TJ Maxx- Ci Sono

Capris- Lululemon

Shoes- Vans

This definitely is just an easy casual jacket to throw on when you’re on the go! How do you feel about camo being so in style?


Lazy Saturday

Saturday we just ran some errands and did some furniture shopping! I just wanted to be comfortable!

I wore my lululemon leggings, target top and my lace up vans!


These sunglasses I found at the Saks outlet store and I love them! They are Michael Kors oversized mirrored aviators. They have a tortoise pattern on the rim and sides. I like them just as much or more than my mirrored Ray-Bans and they were much cheaper!



Shoes- Vans

Glasses- Michael Kors

Hope you had a great weekend!



Versatile Monday

Today, I had an activity with my kids followed by a work out at the gym. To make the transition easy I wore my ALO crops with a t-shirt and since it was chilly out a sweater over it. This is the same sweater I wore out to dinner with girlfriends. It shows you how you can pair something like that with a dressed up or dressed down look!

I love ALO capris for working out in. The are super high rise! The only problem I have noticed is they seem to attract a lot of lint. I haven’t really had this isssue before with other work out pants. Still highly recommend!







Casual Saturday

Today it was cold and rainy and pretty much misery outside. My husband was working and so the kids and I ran to the grocery store (epic meltdowns in the rain) and I did laundry.

I do love my lululemon black leggings to lounge around in. These are super long on me and high waisted as well. My sweatshirt is from a local company store and my shoes are my lace up vans.


Sweatshirt-Local boutique


Shoes- Vans


Layers for rainy days ☂️

The sun hasn’t been out in over a week here where I live. It’s a little depressing! Worst part is it’s hard to dress for the climate. Some days it’s humid and rainy and others it’s super cold and rainy.

Today was cold and rainy. I wore a sweater that I could take off if I got too hot. I was taking my youngest to a baby class at a new kid gym. I missed the athletic wear notice, as I think I was the only momma not sporting Lululemon. 😉IMG_0160

Shirt- Target

Sweater- Target

Jeans- American Eagle

Rain Boots- Tory Burch

Watch- Marc Jacobs

A lot of girls love Hunter boots for foot rain gear, and I do love the look of mine but they are super clunky and I feel like I walk in slow motion in them. I much prefer these slimmer Profile Tory Burch boots. Totally worth the investment!