Target shirt and Jacket

I saw this Rolling Stones tank at Target the other week. I grabbed an XL so I could potentially wear it with leggings, and it worked! I paired it with a jean jacket also from Target and Lululemon leggings.


Ive also decided to break out the white converse. These and my Vans are my favorite tennis shoes to wear in the spring! They go with everything!

As always I highly recommend checking out Target’s t-shirt area for really well made and comfortable shirts!


Old Navy Tank

Just a casual look here but wanted to share these tank tops I found at Old Navy for 5.00! I love how they have the buttons down the front. I got one in white and one  in black. At the time they had no other colors in my size.

Ive worn them constantly with skirts, pants, work out bottoms etc! I would love to get some more in other colors. Totally check them out!


Tank-Old Navy

Jeans- American Eagle

Shoes- Converse


Park day

Today we met some friends at the park. I wore my Lululemon leggings, a shirt from a local store and a plaid shirt over it.

It was chilly in the morning and hot later on so the shirt ended up tied around my waist. It’s so easy to look stylish yet practical-even at the park!


Plaid shirt- Old Navy

Tank- Local boutique



White converse are probably not the best idea to wear in dirt and mulch. But they clean up easily! 😉


Keeping it real

So this is me keeping it real with you! This morning I woke up to find my son had taken off his diaper in the middle of the night and you can only imagine what I had to clean up this morning! We had somewhere to be so I had to give him a bath, get everybody dressed and out of the door fast.

I ended up wearing the same exact t-shirt from the day before (like I said keeping it real) and a different pair of black jeans. I put on my white converse and out we went!

Black on black is so easy when you’re in a hurry,  like I said in my previous post! Love my converse shoes! Comfortable and pretty cute!


Shirt- Target

Jeans- AE


My kids still don’t understand why mommy has holes in her pants. 😂