Casual Monday

The Monday I wore this felt a little more like fall was here..almost! I wore my black AE jeans, striped shirt from Target, Frye slip ons and a hat by a local boutique.


Hat- Fortuity

Watch- Marc Jacobs

Shirt- Target

Jeans- American Eagle

Shoes- Frye

I only wear American Eagle jeans and their colored jeans are just as great as the denim ones. This shirt from Target is really made well and it also washed well. A great alternative if you are tired of the chambray shirts everywhere.

I have had a hat obsession over the summer! I loved the font of the letters and felt like a hat this emerald green color was a lot different than what I see. Kind of mixed up a bunch of colors but I think it looks ok! Thanks for stopping by!



This summer I plan on wearing baseball hats a lot. I purchased three last week, one being this Adidas one from Asos. I loved the olive green color-and obviously Addidas is having a moment, especially in the shoe arena.

Paired with jeans I rolled up and a baseball shirt, I was ready to chase the kiddos around outside all day!





Who needs dry shampoo when you have a hat!



Today was just an average day in my stay at home mom life! I wore lululemon leggings, my favorite Target t-shirt and a chambray shirt over to look like I tried!

I love leggings but I wore them all the time pregnant. Sometimes they remind me of those days, so you’ll catch me in jeans more often! However, they are so much more comfortable!

IMG_0980.JPGShirts- Target

Leggings- Lululemon


Watch-Michael Kors


Dress down👇 then up☝️

Today I had plenty of errands to run and had to chase around the kids of course! Mid afternoon I had an event at my husband’s work that I needed to wear a dress for.

I kept the same denim shirt over both outfits! It worked well with both so win for me!

I love love love my old navy booties! They are SO comfortable and the heel isn’t very high. Old navy has great shoes at such a cheap price!

Outfit 1:




Outfit 2:

Dress-TJ Maxx


Shoes-Old Navy


Wednesday’s 🤷🏻‍♀️


Nothing exciting going on today besides pediatrician appointments and errands with the kids! I wore this utility vest ALL the time last spring. It just really helps pull an outfit together over my standard jeans and white tank top. I paired this with my frye slip ons for comfort and it makes for an easy stylish on the go outfit for mom! IMG_0393


Jeans-American Eagle

Vest- TJmaxx

Shoes- Frye

Did I mention the pockets!?? Extra pockets for keys, your wallet or baby wipes and a pacifier in my case! 👌🏼

💜 Becca


Keep it casual ✌🏻

Hi! This is my very first post and I’m so excited to start sharing my “Style Profile” with you! I am a mom of 3 kids, currently 5, 3 and 1. However, I try not to let this completely dictate how I dress. You’ll find this blog to be full of casual outfits but I also love dressing up for nights out! Some posts will be “mirror” selfies of the day, and others will be a little more detailed with professional photos. I use the term “professional” loosely, but you get the idea! Let’s get into it! 👉


Today I am wearing “denim on denim,” as my husband calls it. 😉 I have ballet class with my daughter and a music class with my youngest son today so I have to be comfortable and able to move around. I love pairing button down shirts with high waisted jeans. Also, loving slip ons such as these sneakers from Frye.

Top: Target

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Frye

Watch: Marc Jacobs

These jeans are probably not for everyone. I love the distressed look and they are jegging type of material. They definitely suck you in at the waist, which is super nice when you are bending over, squatting down or doing whatever with said toddler or baby! The sneakers are expensive but I wear them all of the time-I consider good shoes and good bags a great investment. My one item I wear daily no matter what is a watch! It keeps me on time (obv) but is also a classic piece that my kids cannot rip off easily, though they may try! Off to mommy and me ballet!