Amazon blue set

I know Fall is here but I can’t help but find amazing deals on Amazon for the cutest pieces! I have this set in red, but when I saw it in blue I had to grab it!

So today it hit 80, and this felt great on! When it does get chilly I plan on adding booties or sneakers and a little jacket..

This set comes in a lot of fun colors. Linked below!

Blue Set


💕Pink Lulus Dress💕

My anniversary is coming up and I wanted to find a cute dress to wear for our dinner..which will probably be at home 🤣 has been awhile since I have bought anything from Lulus so I wanted to see what was on the site!


I loved this hot pink mini dress and it was on sale. However, it is SHORT!! I am super my thoughts are I will definitely be wearing black tights with this dress in the fall and winter..I don’t mind a shorter dress every once in awhile but this is out of my comfort zone completely!! 😂 The dress is adorable and I love how bright the pink is. If you ever feel like a dress is too short, tights in the cooler months is always the way to go! Also, check Lulus, they have some great sales!

This dress is currently sold out. However, I’ve linked another pink long sleeved dress that I also love! 💕

Pink Lulus Dress


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Dress for a wedding..

I bought this sweet dress off of Amazon hoping that I would wear it to my sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made my sister pause plans.

This dress is a total dupe for one I saw on another website for much more!



I really think this dress is so pretty and I love the color! You cannot beat the price! Linked below!🦋🦋🦋

Blue dress


Bike shorts? I’m a fan!

I really didn’t think I’d hop on the bike short trend until quarantine life hit and I was left to I missing out on something amazing and comfortable!?

Well yes! I was! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a higher end bike short, so found these on Amazon and I am in love! I think I will try the Alo or Lululemon brand next since I’ve figured out what the hype is about..and I can report back! They are high waisted, super soft and not see through! Win!


I also wore these during my spin work out. I’m certified to teach, and LOVE doing spin work outs everyday. These were so much cooler than my normal pants. They past the work out test as well! Definitely give these a chance!


Bike Short



Target top!

I am a huge Target fan, but unfortunately haven’t made it there much during the pandemic. 😓 I went once and saw this linen top! It was actually set with a skirt but to me it looked better paired down with a solid color skirt! The shoes are also from Target.


I haven’t been a huge fan of their new dress line. It’s super girly, but to me the dresses are a little overwhelming with the huge puffy sleeves and they don’t seem to fit very well based off of customer photos.

Hope to make it back to find some other cute pieces to share!



4th of July

Hope you had a great holiday weekend, safely socially distanced! 😷 Found the cutest Amazon dress for the 4th this year! It also comes in black.


Wrap dresses are universally flattering! I especially love the feminine shoulders and even though it’s a short dress, it’s still classy and easy to wear. Great price point, too!

Wrap dress


Last time I left the house…

Hi! I hope this post finds you healthy and happy! The last couple of months didn’t feel appropriate to post “fashion” be honest what anyone was wearing was the last thing on my mind!

All I’ve been wearing is work out clothes day in and day out. However, I never posted this dress I wore at the end of February to a school fundraiser.

This was from ASOS under 50, and was so easy and comfortable to wear! When the sun hits this dress it really pops!

ASOS rose dress


I hope to post some happy spring/summer ideas soon! Stay safe ❤️


Florida ☀️

Hi! We traveled to Florida in January for a quick trip. I found a really pretty dress on ASOS for our main “fancy” dinner. Everything else was something I already owned.

This dress is actually prettier in person. It was originally almost 100.00 and I got it for under 30! It’s really high quality and was easy to wear.


This is a fun dress form TJ Maxx! I wore this when we ate dinner in the hotel room the first night.


Travel day uniform. (Minus the flip flops)


This outfit was from a work event for my husband. Skirt is Target and the top I’ve had forever! Shoes are also from Target.


I didn’t shop for anything really new for this trip, hence the lack of photos! Good for my wallet I guess! 🙂



Happy New Year!

Happy 20/20! I took a break from posting in December, however I did snap a few outfits I wore this month. The holiday party that was the fanciest got canceled due to a snowstorm and I was so bummed not to wear the dress I planned but will probably post pictures of it regardless (stay tuned!) However, the dress I wore for NYE was really fun and only 50.00 on ASOS!

Cozy pearl sweater I found at Forever21.


Red velvet wrap around I wore to Christmas dinner also Forever21!


NYE dress! ASOS!


Happy New Year to everyone! I am excited for the year to come! 🥰


Gold Amazon Dress

Below I posted about a beautiful ballgown I found on Amazon! I found that after I found this gold dress, for 50.00! Such a steal! It fits true to size, is plenty long and good quality. Again, if you take time on the site and look at customer photos you can really score some great finds and good prices! Always, look at the costumer photos!!! I find that to be the best indicator if ordering from Amazon is going to work out.



Gold Amazon dress