Bike shorts? I’m a fan!

I really didn’t think I’d hop on the bike short trend until quarantine life hit and I was left to I missing out on something amazing and comfortable!?

Well yes! I was! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a higher end bike short, so found these on Amazon and I am in love! I think I will try the Alo or Lululemon brand next since I’ve figured out what the hype is about..and I can report back! They are high waisted, super soft and not see through! Win!


I also wore these during my spin work out. I’m certified to teach, and LOVE doing spin work outs everyday. These were so much cooler than my normal pants. They past the work out test as well! Definitely give these a chance!


Bike Short



New athletic favorites

I found this Lululemon jacket on Poshmark which is similar to eBay. I love the funnel neck and how it’s very fitted. If you don’t want to shell out major cash for Lululemon, definitely check Poshmark or eBay! The leggings are from Lululemon. I loved the color (wine) and they are super comfortable.


You don’t need to spend that kind of money for great leggings. I recommend Old Navy active wear or even Target’s Joy Lab activewear line!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Nike ✔️

Ok so this day I’m dressed like I’m going to the gym, but I didn’t make it to the gym 😂

BUT- I love this long sleeved Nike shirt I found at their outlet store for a great price! It’s long sleeved but is made out of their Dri Fit fabric, so it’s very breathable. Even though it was chilly in the early morning it was in the upper 80s that afternoon and I could wear this all day comfortably! I love the black with the white Nike font as well.


Shirt-Nike outlet

Pants- Lululemon


Hat-Local boutique

Hope you’re having a great week!