Black and gray

I had to dress up for a kids event the past week, which is always fun when you know you’ll be squatting, chasing and rounding up little kids in a dress and heels! I went with my tried and true outfit for events like these with kids..midi skirt and low heels!

This skirt is from Forever21, and I love the black and white stripe detail around the waist. The top is a shimmery gray tank from Target and my shoes are my go to Old Navy booties!



Tank- Target

Skirt- Forever21

Necklaces- Etsy/local boutique

Watch- Michael Kors

Sunglasses- Quay


90 degree fall 😓

This weather is killing me! I’m so ready to transition completely over to fall clothing but it is so miserabley hot out that it’s making it tough to do gracefully or fashionably. 😝

We had a dinner tonight with some other families and I needed to be able to bend over and take care of the kiddos and look appropriate. It’s a summer dress from Target and btw I have seen a lot of girls in this dress! I paired it with my Old Navy booties and a jean jacket (ended up losing it bc it was too hot!) I normally would not pair such a flowy dress with a heavy shoe but this is my take on how to go from summer to fall the best I know how!


Jean Jacket- Target

Dress- Target

Shoes- Old Navy

Where are you fall!?


casual GNO

I got to get out of the house on a week night to meet friends for dinner and drinks. 🙌🏻I had worn this outfit all day long but had on my white converse. I love these army green twill pants from American Eagle. I also have them in black.

They come in long and don’t bag out during the day.

Threw on my Old Navy booties and thought it looked decent enough to go out in at night!


Shirt- Target

Pants- American Eagle

Booties- Old Navy

Thank you to anyone who reads this blog, I didn’t think anyone would ever see it! Working on getting better lighting in these mirror shots!!



Pop of red ❤️

Today we threw a going away party for my niece whose leaving for college. I’m so jealous. 😂

Anyway! It was super casual so I’m wearing that Old Navy button tank again tucked into my high waisted jeans. The outfit was pretty tame  so I paired it with my favorite Target sandals for some color.

I do love these sandals but I am ready for boot weather! Fall do you hear me!?

IMG_2659Please excuse the bed that was just jumped on by some little people that run my house.

Tank- Old Navy


Sandals- Target


A New Day 🐝

I saw this skirt at Target last week and immediately grabbed it! I love pleated midi length skirts. They are very classic and easy to wear!

I paired it with a black Old Navy button tank and my black Old Navy booties.

A New Day is Target’s new clothing line. To be honest my almost 2 year old was in melt down mode this day, so I haven’t had time to look at the rest of the collection but if you see this skirt I would definitely recommend it! I don’t wear a ton of yellow and I may have looked like a bumble bee-but I can’t wait to wear this skirt again!


Tank top- Old Navy

Skirt- Target

Booties- Old Navy




Old Navy Tank

Just a casual look here but wanted to share these tank tops I found at Old Navy for 5.00! I love how they have the buttons down the front. I got one in white and one  in black. At the time they had no other colors in my size.

Ive worn them constantly with skirts, pants, work out bottoms etc! I would love to get some more in other colors. Totally check them out!


Tank-Old Navy

Jeans- American Eagle

Shoes- Converse


Concert dress🎤

We had tickets to the Coldplay concert and I ran to the store to find something easy to wear that day.

Old Navy had these cute t-shirt dresses that aren’t too short for me. I also grabbed the black version of the open toed booties I already have in tan. So glad I did, I know I will wear these all the time this fall! The heel is lower so I don’t feel uncomfortable or like I’m towering over everyone.


You can see the lower heel height in the picture above. Perfect for standing at a concert! 👌🏼

Dress- Old Navy

Booties- Old Navy

Watch- Michael Kors

Purse-Marc Jacobs

Old Navy had this dress in a few colors and patterns! Also, they had tons of booties in all colors, seriously so comfy and affordable!


Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses were all that I wore when pregnant with my three kids. So when I had my last baby, I donated ALL of them. They were all too big and brought back horrible memories of nausea and pain!

I found this high low maxi dress in the back of my closet. I must have decided to keep this one around and I’m glad I did!

For some reason everywhere I went that day I got a lot of compliments on it and the color! So funny considering I hate wearing dresses like this due to bad memories! I paired it with a long necklace from Forever, and my sandals from Target.


Dress- Old Navy

Necklace- Forever21

Shoes- Target

I must say I’ve worn this dress a couple more times since and I can see why I like it. It makes you look put together when really it’s super comfy and you can still bend over to pick up the kiddos!


Happy 4th! 🇺🇸

So our 4th of July actually got completely rained out. 😦 All festivities were cancelled, it was such a bummer! I actually wore work out pants and a patriotic tank that day. The 5th we finally got to celebrate!

I paired a red and white striped dress from Old Navy with a chambray shirt tied around my waist for more coverage in the back! I also wore these red tassel sandals..also from Target!

I was alone w my three kids at this event, as my husband had to work 👎🏻. I wore short bike shorts underneath because I knew I’d be kneeling and squatting down taking care of my youngest who still doesn’t walk! The shirt was also extra coverage for this purpose and also I needed some blue!


Dress- Old Navy



Watch-Marc Jacobs

If you celebrate the 4th, I hope it was the best!


Park day

Today we met some friends at the park. I wore my Lululemon leggings, a shirt from a local store and a plaid shirt over it.

It was chilly in the morning and hot later on so the shirt ended up tied around my waist. It’s so easy to look stylish yet practical-even at the park!


Plaid shirt- Old Navy

Tank- Local boutique



White converse are probably not the best idea to wear in dirt and mulch. But they clean up easily! 😉