Pretty Little Thing🧡💛

I really like the Pretty Little Thing website bc everything is always on sale! I found this midi yellow/orange dress on there. It looked like a fun color and a classy cut!

I love the length, and the material is actually flattering for it being on the lower quality end. I think this color is so fun for summer, and definitely recommend checking this one out! I purchased this for 22.00!


Yellow Dress


MissGuided Polka Dot Dress

I had purchased a few things from MissGuided, two of the dresses were extremely short! This is one of the shorter dresses. What I like to do when dresses are this short, is put another skirt over the dress, so it becomes more like a cute top! That is what I’ll probably end up doing with this dress.

I absolutely love polka dots. I sound like I’m 5, but it’s true! This particular dress reminds me of something someone would wear in the 1940s. The silhouette, the sleeves and the pattern. Obviously, it would be a lot longer. 😆

This dress is only 13.00 right now! So cute, for spring/summer. The sweetheart neckline with puff sleeves, is my all time favorite look!

Linked below!



Amazon blue set

I know Fall is here but I can’t help but find amazing deals on Amazon for the cutest pieces! I have this set in red, but when I saw it in blue I had to grab it!

So today it hit 80, and this felt great on! When it does get chilly I plan on adding booties or sneakers and a little jacket..

This set comes in a lot of fun colors. Linked below!

Blue Set


Silk slip dress

Happy Saturday! I don’t normally buy silk dresses even though they are really beautiful and super stylish. I personally find them so hard to wear! They stick to the wrong places and don’t always flatter the body. However, I saw this green and pink polka dot (another pattern I don’t normally gravitate towards) on ASOS, and thought it was the coolest looking dress. I loved the green and pink coloring and the way it was cut.



There are some diagonal cuts along the waist line that makes this dress lay more flattering than it would if it was just a normal a line type shape. The slit is not too high and the dress is not see through. Really great quality, and I’ll be so excited to wear this in the future!

Silk Dress



Bye Summer!😘😢

I know summer is drawing to an end but I still have so many pretty dresses I found to share with everyone! The first one is from Marshalls. It has pockets, it’s coral it’s super flattering and easy to wear.8EB3E3D3-4E99-4EB3-B0DB-82FA16EC214D

The second dress I wore for our anniversary dinner. It is from ASOS. I love the scuba material and the bows on the shoulders. This dress was not see through either which is always a chance you take when ordering a white dress online! This is on sale under 50.00.


ASOS dress

I have a few more dresses to share before we switch over to fall for the blog posts!

Happy Labor Day weekend!