Colsie Lounge Sets!

I bought a couple of lounge sets at Target from the brand, Colsie! Here is my review!

I grabbed two sweat sets, and some leggings with a matching cropped tank. The leggings are SO soft! However, they are definitely not supportive, do not suck anything in and are not for working out in. I would only wear them around the house and maybe to bed. They did fall down on me a lot as well, they were my least favorite item. The cropped tank is cute, and can be paired with the matching bike shorts.

Next up is this tie dye sweat set! I love this, it’s really soft! I would say this brand fits on the smaller side. Normally, I like my sweatshirts a lot baggier. I’m not sure if the tie dye trend is dead yet, but Target is keeping it alive! I really loved this, and you could pair it with the purple tank.

I saved my favorite for last! These leopard print sweats with this beige sweatshirt is so cute. I love the colors, and again so soft! I will say the inside of this sweatshirt shed a bit. I found a bunch of fuzz in my hair after I put it on. 😂 If I were to pick anything out of the three, it would definitely be this set! Once again, it ran smaller than I like, but the sweats were still high rise.

I have to figure out how I can get the entire wall lit up 😂

Check out my video and the links are below!

Tie Dye Set


Leopard Set



Target Finds!

Target is slowly putting out spring clothing, makes me happy in these crazy times!

Here is what I purchased!

This blue WildFable dress is so romantic and easy to wear! I love the sleeves, and the ties at the bottom. This was a little big on me, so maybe size down! This also comes in black.

Next, this this sweater set from WildFable. It’s so sweet. It also comes in baby blue. Keep in mind the top is very cropped!

Next, this pretty tie-dye dress! It’s super flowy and easy to wear.

Last, this adorable T-shirt and sweats!


Some are linked below! Unfortunately, the two dresses weren’t online yet. I tried to find similar looks. They are in stores, though!




Slip Dress Similar

Floral Dress


Target top!

I am a huge Target fan, but unfortunately haven’t made it there much during the pandemic. 😓 I went once and saw this linen top! It was actually set with a skirt but to me it looked better paired down with a solid color skirt! The shoes are also from Target.


I haven’t been a huge fan of their new dress line. It’s super girly, but to me the dresses are a little overwhelming with the huge puffy sleeves and they don’t seem to fit very well based off of customer photos.

Hope to make it back to find some other cute pieces to share!



2020 Summer Outfits

All dressed up with no where to go! 🙃 Here are some outfits I put together in a video. Two outfits I created by putting skirts over the dress. It’s a fun way to get more out of a dress! This video was so fun to make, so I plan on making more! 👉 Summer 2020 Fashion Ideas

1. TJ Maxx

2. ASOS dress

3. ASOS dress/ Target skirt over the dress

4. ASOS dress/ Target skirt over the dress

5. Target top/ American Eagle jeans



Stay safe and healthy! ❤️



I have some exciting dresses to share with everyone. November we are invited again to three black tie events, which is super special and I feel so lucky!

The first dress I want to post about is this one from ASOS. It was actually meant to be my birthday dress, but unfortunately our dinner date turned into more of a day date and this would have not been appropriate 😂!! The first gala is black tie optional so I usually chose a cocktail dress for this particular event. Red is my favorite color to wear in a dress. I loved these bows on the shoulders and the dress was structured so well. This dress was a steal at 18.00! Unfortunately, it’s gone now but I will link a similar style and price point below.


I wanted wanted to share this casual dress from the Target clearance section! I saw this when it was regularly priced but didn’t know if I had a reason to wear a dress like this! I have worn it to two events now. If you can find it in the clearance section, grab it! I paired it with red shoes for a pop of color!



Asos dress similar

End of summer

Hi! It’s been a few weeks since I posted! We have been gearing up for back to school and spending time as a family together. Below are some dresses I’ve been wearing as summer winds down…

The first outfit is from Marshall’s. They had some really pretty summer dresses and jumpsuits this year. The jumpsuit was actually super comfortable!


The dress is from Target. Love this length and cut.


I hope you’re enjoying the last weeks of summer, can’t wait for fall fashion!


Where have I Been?!

Hello! I took a little break from posting outfits the past week on here and Instagram as I was working on other things I am excited for!

There are other things I want to focus on besides posting outfits. One of those things was becoming certified to teach spin classes. Spin is how I got back into shape after my last two babies, and I absolutely LOVE it! Now that I am certified to teach, I want to practice and really becoming stronger and more confident before I go out there and lead a class! Also, I have a small company/Etsy shop I’ve been busy forming. That I will keep under wraps until it’s official, but I’m really looking forward to sharing with everyone what I have been creating! 🥰

This pretty red dress I found at Marshall’s in the Jr. Section. I may where this for the 4th of July this year!


Thanks for reading my little update! More summer outfits to come soon! Xo


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Summer casual

I’m back with a some outfits I’ve been wearing the past couple of weeks!

I paired my Adidas with a simple midi dress from Target and tied a tank top up over the top. I will say I didn’t feel very feminine in this look but it is super comfy!


Last, these jean shorts I bought oversized from Target are the only shorts I wear! I have two pairs of them. Paired with another t-shirt from Target and some flip flops I thought this look was super cute! The sunglasses are from Amazon, not my favorite. I tried the trend though! 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Merci Top





Found the perfect shorts!

…And hat for all that matters!

Season after season I have been searching for shorts that aren’t too short, too distressed, too long or the wrong wash. I saw these at target and sized up one size so I could wear them lower on my waist. The flattering part about these is they are cut shorter in the front but longer in the back. So your legs look longer but your butt is covered. 🙌🏻




Second the hat hat is also Target! I always feel a little silly in hats like I’m trying too hard?? But I seriously needed something for the pool this summer, and I thought this one was perfect! Shirt is Marshall’s and shoes are my Target slides.


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Mother’s Day dress💜

I loved this dress from ASOS, on sale that I wore for Mother’s Day. I don’t wear purple often but the off the shoulder sleeves were so pretty on this dress I had to have it! The material is a scuba material so it was not see-through whatsoever!



My shoes are Target!

Similar Dress

Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day as a mom yourself or with your mom!


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