🌸Spring Look Book🌸

I decided to put together a quick look book for spring. All the outfits are affordable!

I did this with help from my 5 & 7 year old and my iPhone, so it’s not the most professional but I tried! Bonus points if you can spot my husband in the background! 😂🙈


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Holiday Outfits

Sorry for the brief break! ❤️

Below are two outfits I’ve worn, with the same black tights and maroon booties from Old Navy.

First is from Thanksgiving Day.


Everything is from Forever21 but the tights and shoes! Super warm and comfortable to wear. I love black tights in the winter, they keep you from freezing but you can still wear cute skirts. The jacket is a tuxedo style jacket that I have had forever21 and never ever wear! I recommend picking one up to throw over dressier outfits when you want to stay warm.

This next outfit was for a holiday party in our neighborhood. It isn’t a super dressy occasion but you wouldn’t want to wear jeans either! I have his plaid shirt dress from TJ Maxx with the same tights and Old Navy booties. Super easy to wear!



Happiest Holidays to you all!


Flannel Shirt Dress

Tuxedo Blazer




Comfy pants 🙌🏻

I love the “paper bag” pant and short style that is out now! These pants were SO comfortable to wear on an evening event where I was chasing my kids around the entire time but had to look presentable. I lucked out with these and found them at Forever21 for super cheap! They were even long enough for me which is really lucky for me 😂 I paired them with a yellow bodysuit also from Forever21.


I was able to wear my Nine West edges (also comfortable) underneath, which made if really easy to walk/run after my 2 year old. 🙌🏻

Next up is a Target dress I found last month. It’s a great length and fairly flattering even though they are horizontal strips. This would be fun for the 4th. 🙂


I am wearing some heels from TJMaxx and a Ralph Lauren purse. You could also pair this with some white converse/Addidas and I think that would be super cute as well!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I sincerely appreciate it!


Summer skirt/dress

We had a night out and I searched my closet for this buffalo check high waisted skirt from Target last year. I absolutely love this skirt! It provides a lot of coverage and I think the pattern is so fun! I paired it with a crop top drom Forever21 which was a little hiked up more than normal in this photos! It usually only shows a tiny bit of skin. 😅189E2C1A-1247-4CEF-B782-485A22BD2621

My shoes are wedges from Nine West. I am not a huge wedge fan bc they make me too tall, but these are the perfect height and so easy to walk in!

Next up was a date night to the Ballet! I love the ballet. I had this dress from ASOS in my closet that I have never worn and I thought it would be perfect! It is midi length, scuba material and a pretty floral print. It does sit off the shoulders so I found it pretty hard to move my arms 😂 this would be an issue if you had to do a lot of lifting or maybe even dancing but my arms were fine since I just sat and watched the dancers! These pastels are so pretty but probably not the best suited for my fair skin. I would say though the dress was well made for the price! My shoes are from TJ Maxx! 👌🏼


Can’t wait to find some more fun affordable summer pieces to share with you all!

💜 Becca

Comfy Jumpsuit!

I found this comfortable and adorable jumpsuit at TJ Maxx for under 30.00! I paired it with a jean jacket and my black vans.


This would also be so cute styled with black strapy heels for a date night out!

Junpsuits are everywhere this spring but you can definitely find them for an affordable price if you look!


Casual and dressy

Two looks this week. First, I found this moon tank at Target and I loved the olive green color and the moon image on the shirt. Sometimes, the graphic T-shirt’s (non band related) can be super cheesy there so you have to pick wisely but I thought this one was cool! I paired it tied up with a black and white flannel and my vans. Super comfortable!


Next up, was a dress I found at Forever21. It is light blue and striped. I felt like this could be worn with sandals or paired with heels and worn out to a nice dinner, which is what I was doing this particular night. This dress was under 15.00! I wore my tan heels from TJ Maxx and was out the door!


Both of these looks are super affordable and easy to wear! I hope you had a great weekend!


1920s dress

My husband and I were attending a 1920s themed party for my sons elementary school. This brought up much debate if I should wear an actual “costume” or one of my own dresses. I ended up ordering a great dress off of Amazon for 30.00 and it fit perfect! However, my husband and I weren’t sure if people really went in costume or not! So instead I wore this dress from Windsor. (People went in costume 😅). Lesson learned!


Windsor & Dress TJ Maxx Shoes!


So I found this dress under 40.00 at Windsor. It was backless which scared me but the sticky bra from Target worked perfectly! No issues! To give it a “20s” vibe I added a necklace and pearl bracelet. My shoes are old from TJ Maxx!

We had a great time and even though I could have worn my costume I got from Amazon and fit in better, I still liked this look a lot! I am saving that dress for another occasion!


Basic Fall!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We got hit with the stomach flu and all I’ve been wearing is a robe and pjs bottoms!

Here I am trying to change it up a little! This is my favorite sweater underneath this vest that is a knock off J-Crew style! My AE jeans and Sorel boots. Yes, not extremely flattering by any means but really comfortable to wear! And warm!


Sweater- Marshalls

Vest- TJ Maxx

Jeans- American Eagle

Boots- Sorel

Almost all of my boots are Sorel boots. They are expensive but they hold up and are great quality. You can always find them on sale at 6pm.com and Nordstrom Rack. I never pay full price for Sorel boots! The vest is a total knock off. I can’t find the brand name anywhere but honestly I could care less it’s not J-Crew. Looks similar and is definitely warm!

Hope your November is cozy like that sweater!


Fall Jacket Favorite

I found this Camo jacket at TJ Maxx a couple months ago and wear it all the time. I love the print, the way it sinches in your waist and the length! I can wear my leggings in this jacket and my butt is covered which I like!

It definitely light weight so I don’t think I can wear it when it gets too cold out but for now this is my favorite fall jacket I’ve found! I also saw something similar at Target.


Jacket- TJ Maxx- Ci Sono

Capris- Lululemon

Shoes- Vans

This definitely is just an easy casual jacket to throw on when you’re on the go! How do you feel about camo being so in style?


Girls night in

This evening I hosted a girls night in! It was really fun and we all got to chat sans our small kiddos..well mine kept getting out of bed, but everyone else did! 

I wore my black jumpsuit from TJ Maxx Bc it’s sooo comfy but looks like I tried 😉


Jumpsuit- TJ Maxx

Shoes- Target

Necklace- Forever21