Rain, again

Today I got to visit a friends new baby. She was a doll, and my baby (18 mos) seemed so big next to her. It goes by so fast!

Anyway, it was raining AGAIN! So I wore black jeans, a flannel shirt and my Tory Burch rainboots. I love my rainboots but I’m ready for sandal weather!!

So bent over to pick up my youngest and made the hole in one of the knees huge! It’s kind of embarrassing how big the hole is. Not sure how much longer I can rock these specific jeans!


That left hole is a WHOLE lot bigger now! 😂


Shirt- Target


Boots-Tory Burch


Layers for rainy days ☂️

The sun hasn’t been out in over a week here where I live. It’s a little depressing! Worst part is it’s hard to dress for the climate. Some days it’s humid and rainy and others it’s super cold and rainy.

Today was cold and rainy. I wore a sweater that I could take off if I got too hot. I was taking my youngest to a baby class at a new kid gym. I missed the athletic wear notice, as I think I was the only momma not sporting Lululemon. 😉IMG_0160

Shirt- Target

Sweater- Target

Jeans- American Eagle

Rain Boots- Tory Burch

Watch- Marc Jacobs

A lot of girls love Hunter boots for foot rain gear, and I do love the look of mine but they are super clunky and I feel like I walk in slow motion in them. I much prefer these slimmer Profile Tory Burch boots. Totally worth the investment!